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5 BIG Benefits Of Toys For Kids

5 BIG Benefits Of Toys For Kids

Toys are one of the best gifts a child can ever receive. Not only do they keep the kid busy and entertained, toys actually help in the child’s holistic development. These playthings have been around since time immemorial and even if they come in many different designs and purposes, toys have a positive effect on children. Here are 5 great benefits that toys can provide:

Helps with their physical development.

Toys are, first and foremost, instruments or tools that are physically manipulated in a variety of ways. It can be in the form of pulling or pushing, stacking bricks, removing blocks, or even jumping and running with them. In short, toys are physical tools that will require physical effort on the part of kids. This way, they get to exercise their muscles, tone them a bit, and strengthen them up to a certain degree that they will not shrink and atrophy. Aside from the development of a kid’s physique, many toys also help with balance and coordination as well as spatial awareness.

Aids in the enhancement of critical and problem solving skills.

The cognitive development of children is best enhanced when certain toys are used. For instance, giving them construction play sets helps them understand causal relationships, prediction, and divergent thinking. In a way, they are given the opportunity to try out as many possible solutions to a single problem, a characteristic of scientific problem solving method. This paves the way for the continuing development of critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking. There are also toys or playthings that focus more on the training of the mind to focus and observe due concentration on any given task. In other words, toys are the food that fuels the brain into improving its neural connections to make it even more efficient in the management of problems.

To give you an example, this list of toys for an 8 year old girl includes many products which stimulate creative thinking, learning and social interaction.

Assists in the development of language and communication.

Part of growing up is learning to how to talk. Speech and language are an important part of childhood development because it paves the way for social relationships. One must be able to communicate his or her thoughts and feelings so that other people will learn about what is truly important for that person. Toys that teach the letters of the alphabet including numbers, phrases, and very simple sentences are excellent tools for building the vocabulary of young children. This enables them to express their thoughts and emotions in a more comprehensible manner.


Enhances ability to relate with others and establish relationships.

Toys can also help children learn the value of social relationships. Early on, kids learn that some toys are best played with other children. This requires a good sense of interpersonal relationships. Role playing activities often require children to play cooperatively and collaboratively with other kids. They learn to take turns riding toys as well as using single player only playthings. At any rate, they begin to appreciate the value of forming social relationships.

Supports the development of healthy self-esteem.

Kids have to form a healthy self-concept. Toys are one of the most important instruments for them to develop such a healthy idea about themselves. Craft and building toys are excellent in such cases because it allows kids to experience the feeling of accomplishing something. This makes them happy and builds their self-confidence; a fundamental requirement for high self-esteem.

Toys are important in a child’s life. These playthings provide more than just help to children; they are the instruments of optimum growth and development among kids.

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