The Best Things For Mothers Day Are Free

The Best Things For Mothers Day Are Free

My kids bought me mothers day gifts last week, so excited about it, they wanted me to open them early. A candle, a little book lamp, a pen and some bath wash. My son, who was not at school for Mothers Day stall dropped his head in disappointment.

He felt bad he had not bought me anything, this struck me. My 10-year-old son has feelings other than being angry at me or annoyed. The only time he gets excited is when Jack Sceptic Eye brings out a new video, this depressing moment was almost a relief to me.

Of course, it’s fine. Presents are sweet but I love the classic homemade card. You know the ones, your head looks like a boiled egg with wonky eyes. Before your kids learn to write there is just some random scribble…”pretend writing”. Then when they can spell you get sweet messages of love, saying you are the best mum in the world.

Sometimes you might be lucky enough to get a laminated love heart from daycare with a handprint on it, or a magnet with a photo of your child. As your kids older they might cook you breakfast, this is all I want. I also want to have a full nights sleep without waking up to someone announcing a 3am dunny visit, you are 10….I don’t need to know anymore.

I will get old and hopefully, my children will be travelling the world or so busy making their dreams happen that they can only find time for a phone call or a text message. If I do get a visit with some flowers I will be grateful, but it is never necessary.

Just being appreciated for a moment is enough for me. 

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