Dinosaur Birthday Party

6 Easy Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

6 Easy DIY Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

These Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas are cost effective, easy and popular with kids of a broad range of ages. If you are having a Dinosaur party you can utilise items from around the home, or pick up cheaper dollar store products to complete these activities.

Having a DIY Dinosaur Party appeals to both boys and girls, who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? Your activities can be tailored to suit both genders, after all, one of the most popular characters on ABC Kids TV is a Dinosaur and her name is Dorothy!

If you have a kid who loves Dinosaurs you probably have been asked about a Dinosaur Themed party in advance. Parties don’t have to be expensive and a lot of your theme can be organised by getting the kids involved….or not.

Dinosaur Expedition Binoculars

Make your own Party Binoculars with scrap paper, foil or printed designs.


Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossils With Salt Dough

This is a very easy way to make a Dinosaur Dig more interesting or a garden fossil hunt.

Create Your Own Dinosaur Fossil Dig

Send the kids on an expedition searching for Fossils or Plastic Dinosaur remains.

Dinosaur Felt Activity

Using large sheets of felt create your own DIY dinosaur work of art.

dinosaur felt activity


Hammer & Ice Dinosaur Activities

A very simple and easy activity which promotes gross motor skills. This is a particularly great activity to do at your Dinosaur Party during the summer months.

Dinosaur And PlayDough Prints

Lots of fun exploring the different types of dinosaur footprints.

You could also use salt dough and dry them to keep.



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