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Toilet Trouble Game Has Kid’s Struggling To Contain Themselves.

Toilet Trouble Game Has Kid’s Struggling To Contain Themselves.

You will love the Toilet Trouble game from Hasbro. We have a tonne of games at home but none of them produces the laughter that this one does. I’m the parent that goes straight to the educational section if I’m going to spend money on a game because I want to get the most out of it.

It didn’t even occur to me what we would be missing out on at home when I avoid games that are a bit of a novelty. In my blog, you will see a lot of construction games and activities that improve fine motor skills. This is because Ryan had to go through a lot of rehabilitation therapy after cancer treatment.

The Toilet Trouble game is easy to play and an awesome bonding experience for the family. Even myself who copped a spray while filming!

What Can Toilet Trouble Do For Your Family?

Laughter. So much laughter. The first 10 minutes of Toilet Trouble was so intense with excitement I could not even film it. There were kids had trouble containing their excitement, playfully falling off chairs and snorting from laughing so much.

This is a carefree game with very little rules. Just spin the “Toilet Roll Dice” and pull the level. How many times can you pull the lever before the toilet squirts you in the face?



Is Toilet Trouble Really Messy?

We initially took toilet trouble outside, thinking it might end up with water everywhere. Not necessary, It does let out a big squirt of water but it’s not so much that it will make playing it a nightmare for the parent to clean up. For younger kids you can just put a little bit of water in, it will then only do a small spray.



Where Do I Buy Toilet Trouble?ย 

Toilet Trouble is available at Target Stores, Toys’R’Us, Amazon and some independent toy stores. It has some fantastic buyer reviews which are no surprise, its heaps of fun! If you already own Toilet Trouble or are looking for games of a different style you can see other reviews HERE.

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