The Fitness Marshall Is Coming To Australia!

The Fitness Marshall Is Coming To Australia!

Woop! Get Your booties fired up! Fitness Marshall announced today they are officially coming to Australia! The visit will include Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane & Sydney with further dates and times being announced in the next week.

To Find Out More About Dates & Times

If you love your fitness you probably already know who The Fitness Marshall is. Caleb Marshall and his crew have achieved global viral success with their sexy, sweaty and fun fitness videos. It’s fitness at its best, available free on YouTube which you can do with friends or home alone.

The Fitness Marshall started in October 2014. The YouTube Channel has achieved phenomenal growth since then. Caleb and his team create cardio hip-hop workouts to the chart-topping pop hits, the workouts are both effective and entertaining!

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to enjoy The Fitness Marshall or expensive gym gear, you can do some of these moves in your pyjamas if you want!

You Can Shake it like nobody’s watching! Because nobody is watching!


  1. Fitness Marshall got me off the couch in 2015 after giving birth to my second child. Caleb is witty and fun, just what I needed at the time. Hope I can attend his meet up.

    1. He’s awesome isnt he. Puts the fun back into fitness and I believe he promotes a healthy acceptance of all women of shapes and sizes.

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