This Classic Kid’s Movie Get’s Me Straight In The Feels. Every Time.

This Classic Kid’s Movie Get’s Me Straight In The Feels.

Every Time. Every Time I go to a kid’s movie. I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t have an emotional break down during a children’s movie. To anybody who had to sit in my row and looked over to witness a 33 year old grown woman awkwardly suppressing her emotions during The Smurfs, I don’t apologise.

I think I’m holding a lot of pent up issues, maybe I need a psychiatrist. Maybe if I watch more puppies being taken, or lions being trampled to death – it will all just pour out. Poor Mufasa. I will never forget the first time I saw the lion king, just a teen back then, I bawled by eyes out.

The Lion King is a classic and smashes me in the feels every dang time. I’m probably worse now that I’m older because losing a parent is inevitable and not so far away anymore. I look at little Simba and I think, that could be my son If I died. All alone.

Oh GARD STAHP! You see what I mean? Anyway, here’s to where it all began.

R.I.P. Mufasa.


  1. Seriously cry in the lion king all the time, but there’s been one movie that had me in such a sobbing state like I mean a total wreck and that was Red Dog seriously for like the majority of the film. it was that bad my mum asked what was wrong and while trying to tell her about it she was crying too took me ages to recover from that movie. I won’t watch it again it upset me that much.

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