Questions You Get Asked When You’re A Blogger

Questions You Get Asked When You’re A Blogger

& the short answers that follow. 

~ “Blogging, Is That Even A Job?”

Blogging is a hobby, a job or both. I think you would be surprised how much time and effort goes into blogging, there is a technical side that isn’t seen by the readers. I guess if you are that deep in the blogging game, you could call yourself a writer.

~ “So…..You actually get paid to blog?”

Yes, sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. Blogging makes money in many different ways, but money is rarely why anyone starts blogging. In most cases, the first few years are spent writing for free, we do it because we love it. Just like gardening, sex or origami.

~ “I bet you get heaps of free shit.”

That’s not a question, its a statement. Yes, I get free stuff. But you know what I won’t do? I won’t try and flog a product on my blog just because it was sent to me for free. I will recommend it if it’s good, so stop looking at me like I pimp my words out for cereal and Tshirts.



~ “You know what you should write about? [insert topic here]”

You know what you should do before telling me what to write about? Actually, read my blog, to begin with, that would be a start.

~ “So, What do people say when you tell them you’re a blogger?”

I don’t tell people I’m a blogger. I’m far more than that. I’m superwoman, I tell great fart jokes, I wrangle children, I am a fighter and advocate for my special needs child on the daily AND I’m a hairdresser by trade.

~ “Oh, you’re not one of those “Mummy Bloggers” are you?”

WTF is one of “those” mummy bloggers? Please. Enlighten me. Because I have no idea what this means now? I used to think it meant that I blog about nappy rash cream and colic. But I feel like these days it’s a snide remark regarding something else?

I’ve never been in a “Mummy Blogger War” – which by the way I think that is a fictitious event coined by the Daily Mail in order to make women who blog look like they tear each other’s faces off….ONE OF WHAT MUMMY BLOGGERS?

The Answer, yes I am a mother and I blog. But I’m not one of “those” anything. I happen to think I’m pretty gangsta, no wrong word, Cool? Wrong word. Ummmm….nope I got nothing.



~ “Oh I see your blog everywhere, you must be killing it”

Uh, you probably saw my blog on Facebook because we are friends? I am proud of my little space, but the only thing I’m “Killing” is the bag of M&M’s I consume at my desk every day. Cracking the blogging game takes a lot of time and a lot of loyal readers, I’m happy if a few people read my blog. Everything else is a hard earned bonus.

Kate x



  1. I haven’t had any of these questions yet, because I’m still very new to the game. I do get the “people make money blogging?!” Though….I do not yet 😂

  2. “like gardening, sex or origami” that’s what I’m going to say every time I get asked why I blog from now on!
    I have a whole bunch of well meaning friends who often send me interesting things on FB that they think I should blog about, sadly 99% is not remotely connected to what my blog is about but I guess it’s the thought that counts.
    My favourite “advice” however was my Uncle when I had first started who, after I’d been explaining what I had planned, just said ” I’m sorry Julie, but who on earth would want to read that?” He’s a charmer!

    1. Hahahaha! I think that about my own blog! Who would want to read this? But I would keep blogging regardless.

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