Sel Outridge Park Redland Bay

Sel Outridge Park Redland Bay

Sel Outridge Park is located on Hamilton Street, Redland Bay. The playground is accessible via dirt road (Peel Street) with parking close to the playground.

This park features fitness equipment, a playground and sporting area. Close by is a skate park (Corner of Hamilton and Wienam St).

Facilities List

  • Toilet Block
  • Parking
  • Playground Equipment
  • Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Waterside
  • Pathway for riding & walking
  • Large grass area for picnic and ball games
  • Picnic Tables
  • Roadside Parking
  • Basketball Half Court
  • Batting Cage

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The playground at Sel Outridge Park, Redland Bay includes swings, slides and climbing equipment for ages up to 8-10 years old. For younger children 3 – 5 there is a small slide, springy rides and play numbers. The playground is covered by a large shade with nearby tables.

The fitness equipment at Sel Outridge Park, Redland Bay includes a rowing machine, Ab Hip Swinger,  stepper,  and a Cross Trainer. The park area has a large sporting field and the esplanade is paved for walking and riding. For the local youth, the Skate Park can be located a short walk towards the corner of Hamilton and Weinam St.

Sel Outridge Park in Redland Bay provides a lot of shade as the Esplanade is lined with large trees which drape over the entire area. The park also has picnic tables and a large blue shade structure spans most of the equipment. The sporting field is surrounded by a backdrop of trees.

Sel Outridge Park also features a half basketball court, cricket pitch and net. The park is a popular area for sporting and a favourite spot for picnics in the local Redland Bay community. The playground and fitness area looks over the water.

Bubblers and taps are available at Sel Outridge park. The park also offers a toilet block which sits between the playground and parking area. The toilets are very close to the play area which is a feature point for parents with multiple children to supervise.


Sel Outridge Park Visitor Reviews

“Quiet, breezy park with a toilet block, picnic tables and playground.”

“Quiet, breezy park with a toilet block, picnic tables and playground. Big oval to kick the footy around on. Scenic walk along the waterfront nearby.”
“Large open area with nice shade trees as a border. Bay views. Children’s playground. Toilet block.”


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