5 Reasons to Visit Broome This Year

5 Reasons to Visit Broome This Year

If you are searching for the perfect family holiday location in Western Australia, look no further than Broome! This beautiful seaside town is the perfect place for you and the family to relax with its white sandy beaches and laid-back vibe. It is a hub of art and culture and a great place to enjoy the best of the wild West Kimberley region.

Here are five reasons why Broome should be on your holiday bucklist this year:

1. It’s the Home of Matso’s

If you’re looking for a bit of unique taste in your next beer, then Matso’s microbrewery is an excellent reason to visit Broome. This true treasure of Broome is dedicated to producing beers that deliver flavour above all else. They serve Ginger and Mango beers, Chilli beers, Lychee beer and more! The exotic flavours reflect not only the ingenuity of the hosts but also the cultural appeal of the area. While they’ve learned from old traditions in brewing, the owners at Matso’s have taken their brewery to the next level with modern technology and new world ideas.

The microbrewery is in the historic Matso’s Store, once owned by Lord Alistair McAlpine, and is a favourite haunt of the Broome locals. Matso’s restaurant is open all year for breakfast, lunch and dinner making it perfect for families, so there is no reasons not to visit, relax and unwind with a bit of tastefully brewed beer.

2. Plenty of Remote Accommodation Options

Broome is the perfect place to start your adventure into Western Australia’s Kimberley wilderness area. If you want a place for your family to escape the bustle of everyday life, remote retreats offer you all the comforts and luxuries you could imagine while giving you a first-person view of nature’s finest. The surroundings of such wilderness retreats give you unique family experiences.

You could stay in ‘safari’ tents on your journey through the wilderness, stay on an authentic cattle station, try an eco-villa or family safari tent by a beach! With plenty of remote accommodation options, you’ll find the perfect place to rest your head!

Safari Tent at Emma Gorge Resort RM

3. Beautiful Cable Beach

The white sands of Cable Beach stretch for 22 kilometres.

With clear, sunny, dry season days from April to November, and the beautiful, blue waters, Broome’s Cable Beach offers you the best in relaxation for the family and some aquatic adventures; such as kayaking, whale watching, fishing or just hiring a boogie board for the children to enjoy.

To complete your perfect day on the beach, make sure you stay to enjoy the stunning sunsets that Cable Beach offers. Plus, it is one of the most perfect places to elope!


4. Staircase to the Moon

This astounding natural phenomenon is visible on just a few days each month between March and October. One of the best places to view the Staircase to the Moon is from the shores of Roebuck Bay in Broome, when the tides are at their lowest.

With “Staircase Markets” operating during this natural event, you can savour a variety of tastes from Broome’s multi-cultural food vendors whilst watching the moon rise.

Check the moonrise times.t before you head to Roebuck Bay for this incredible sight, which is caused by the full moon rising across Roebuck Bay at very low tides, and reflecting in the rivulets on the mud flats thus creating a ‘golden staircase to the moon’ effect.


5. Self Drive Itineraries

The back country of Kimberley is easily accessible from Broome; thus, it is the perfect starting point for a self-drive itinerary! You’ll be able to spend nights in the wilderness of the Kimberley region, explore waterfalls, gorges and the stunning landscapes this area is known for.

Self-drive itineraries are great adventures for families and for the kids to explore the wild landscapes, and be involved in the natural world.



You and your family will love exploring the natural wonders that the Kimberley region has to offer. Broome is your perfect starting point for a family holiday full of adventure!

Author Bio: This article was written by Rosemary McGuigan who owns and operates Best Of The Kimberley – your go to source for information on holidaying in Broome and the Kimberley region.


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