6 Recipes On A Budget

6 Budget Recipes – Cooking On A Shoestring

Some budget recipes seem like common sense. When we are trying to keep the bank account healthy and striving for financial change, it often becomes stressful. Financial stress can contribute to having a hard time planning and thinking up meal ideas we can cook to see us through until pay day.

These meals are not designed to live on, but will not be harmful to your health if you eat them here and there. Sometimes we might only have 1 day until payday and rather than dip into savings a cheap meal pulled together from the pantry will get you through.

Lazy French Toast | RECIPE

The bare minimum you need for lazy French Toast is bread & egg. You might have some maple syrup or icing sugar to dust in the pantry, but when you’re starving and short on coin. An egg and a few pieces of bread will see you through. Recipe & video HERE.

Sushi On A Budget | RECIPE

Sushi really adds up when you eat out. $3 a plate for a few pieces of Sushi can turn into a $50 by the time your family has indulged. You can by sushi sheets for under $3 at the grocery store and make your own. Rice & Tuna are staple ingredients and make very cheap Sushi.

These are a great budget lunch if your kids are coming home with their sandwiched, make sure you pack an ice block to keep them cool. Australian Mum is currently building a community that focuses on Lunch Box recipes, to join visit HERE.

Rissoles & Mash | RECIPE

Forget the Sausages, Rissoles is where it’s at. Why? Using mince, you can extend your Rissole recipe with a lot of different veggies, making more rissoles. Feeding more people.  You can’t really stuff extra ingredients into a sausage, can you? If you have rissoles in the freezer you can easily double them, here’s a list of ingredient ideas.

Here’s how I even used BEANS to make a huge batch of 40 rissoles for under $5

Biscuit Balls For The Sweet Tooth | RECIPE

For the sweet tooth, you can make biscuit balls with almost any biscuit on special at your local grocery store. You can use nuts, oats, dried fruit or protein powder for filling. Often you will find enough ingredients in the pantry to rummage up some sort of biscuit balls.

These make great party food alongside my 3 Ingredient Marshmallow Crackles.

  • Biscuit Balls From Pantry Scraps
  • Oreo Biscuit Balls With Hidden Veg
  • Oaty Biscuit Balls – No Fruit Required
  • Leftover Veggie Bake | RECIPE

    What to do with leftovers when you don't have enough to feed everyone? Extend last night's leftovers with eggs and milk. Cook up a Veggie bake with your leftover roast veggies and meat from last night's dinner. Turns food that would normally go to waste into a budget meal for the whole family.

    3 Ingredient Cheesy Popcorn| RECIPE

    A Cheap movie snack with a savoury touch.


    Have You Got Some Budget Recipes To Share?

    I started budget recipes as I understand what it's like to have goals when it comes to finances and feeding little mouths isnโ€™t always cheap even when cooking in bulk. Do you have some budget meal ideas? Snap a picture and send one in! Visit the About Me section for email & guest blogging details.

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