What Is Puffy Paint?

What Is Puffy Paint?

What is Puffy Paint? Puffy Paint is a cool painting activity you can do at home. Puffy Paint is paint which upon drying, is raised and has different textures depending on the recipe used.

There are several variations of Puffy Paint & Pinterest is exploding with Puffy Paint ideas. Puffy Paint can be made with several different ingredients with basic to more complex methods. Now you know what puffy paint is, you should try it!

3 Super Easy Puffy Paint Recipes 

60 Second Microwave Puffy Paint | Australian Mum 

This Puffy Paint recipe takes 60 seconds in the microwave and ingredients most parents have in the pantry.


3 Ingredient Shaving Cream Puffy Paint | One Little Project

This is a great recipe from One Little Project. To view the ingredients and instructions please visit HERE

Image credit: One Little Project

Super Puffy Paint | Typically Simple

This Puffy Paint recipe is almost a mixture of the two recipes above and is a bit puffier than a lot of the other recipes. You will not need baking soda for this recipe.

what is puffy paint

What Is Puffy Paint & What Do I Do With It?

Pinterest is full of Puffy Paint activities. Some activities have added texture to the puffy paint like glitter or sand. Here is a round up of 10 really cool activities found on Pinterest to inspire some Puffy Paint creations.

10 Puffy Paint Activities To Try At Home

  1. Make Puffy Paint Ice Creams LINK
  2. Make Puffy Paint Sidewalk Drawings LINK
  3. Make Puffy Paint Window Designs LINK
  4. Lorax Inspired Puffy Paint Trees LINK
  5. Candy Cane Puffy Paint LINK
  6. Puffy Paint Hanging Stars LINK
  7. Puffy Paint Pumpkins | Halloween LINK
  8. Snow Puffy Paint | Christmas LINK
  9. Puffy Paint Shamrocks | St Patricks Day LINK
  10. Puffy Paint Bunnies | Easter LINK

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