Mind Blown By The New Play Doh Touch…It’s Alive! 

When my kids ask for Play-Doh my inner motherly goddess is like “Hell yeah tactile play, sensory experiences!” ….but then there’s the voice of reason. The voice reminds me that a pack of play dough is going to result in the kids making 5 sausage shapes with eyes before it gets thrown all over the carpet.

Then came this package from Hasbro. Pfff seems too good to be true, looks way better on the box than it probably is. WRONG….The Play Doh Touch Studio does exactly what it claims it will do. It will bring your child’s creations to life!  [Video Blog Below]

I didn’t get a turn of this product during the review process and I’m a big kid too. So what am I doing now? I’m making Minecraft Creepers from Play Doh to impress my son….this 32-year-old woman is playing with Play Doh.  I’m sure the tradesmen who is currently fixing my air con thinks I’m crazy.

It just goes to show you are never too old for Play-Doh.

Both Hayley & Chelsea Reviewed The Play Doh Touch Product

The girls play session lasted around 1.5 hours before we had to stop for dinner, showers and sleep. This morning before school they reminded me they will be playing with it when they get home, still interested! Great stuff.

The Play-Doh Touch App prompts your child to keep creating items with the moulds provided as they give your character extra perks. I just cant believe how well it works. You can use the moulds or mould your own.

You Can See Just How Cool This Tech Toy Is!

All Product Was Provided By Hasbro – We are not obligated to endorse the quality of functionality of the product. All opinions are genuine & videos are unscripted.


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