Shadow Hunters – Not As Lame As Last Season

Shadow Hunters

The Show That Keeps Getting Better – Then cancelled when it’s at its best.

Shadow Hunters Season 1 has it’s moments. Let’s be honest. The special effects were a little circa Twilight 2008. The creators rectified this by the end of the season.

Come season 2, The acting has improved. The cast have clearly settled into their roles and are delivering some really great scenes. The fighting scenes are fantastic for a show that isn’t backed by a brand such as Marvel or DC.

The clave has a couple of new members, more people die.

Season 3 arrives, Jace is still hot. Clary Fairchild not the damsel in distress anymore, she’s kicking ass.

Just like the book & film the chemistry between Jace and Clary is evident.

It’s almost painful being denied their relationship throughout the story. The fandom is shipping Clace hard.

Season 3 finishes and I can’t get enough. Only to be told that the show will not be renewed after the second part of Season 3, but we will be given closure during a finale episode.

The supernatural drama will wrap things up in the spring of 2019 with a 12-episode run β€” aka Season 3B, titled Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt β€” that will include a two-hour series finale event. – Tv Line


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