Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money Online In Your Spare Time

How To Earn Money Online In Your Spare Time

Earn Money Online – it sounds easy right?

You might be interested in a full time working from home opportunity or a side hustle. I hope some of these options help you make some extra cash to support whatever your goals are.

For many years I supplemented the family income doing things from home that earned “pocket money”.

It doesn’t seem like a lot of money each week, but often I would earn enough to cover Car Rego every six months or a night out for dinner once or twice a month.

I know a lot of parents crave returning to work, even though we are already doing enough raising kids at home. Some of these options might also provide you with an outlet for this, a project you enjoy while you Earn Money Online


Earn Money Online When You Cook!

If you prepare a lot of food at home take images of your cooking.

RecipeYum is a site which pays you for your articles.

Payment is in proportion to the number of people who read your articles. Basically how it works is for every viewer you will receive approx 1 cent.

This may not seem like a lot. But if you publish a Recipe today and you receive 40 viewers per day this equals approx $120 per year. If your recipe is a quality written article RecipeYum will also pay a bonus one-off award amounts ($5 – $10)

So, Imagine if you contributed 15 Recipes? You could be looking at $1800 per year. Articles can be hit and miss, occasionally an Article or Recipe will not gain traction and you may only earn a few dollars each month.

Tip: Make variations of your Recipes. For example, If I made Apricot balls I would use some of the last of the mixture to make a variation with other ingredients for another recipe which I could submit elsewhere or use later down the track.

Tip: You can get tips on how to photograph your food HERE


Earn Money Writing Reviews & Travel Articles

WeekendNotes payments are much the same as RecipeYum for your articles. There are extended opportunities by writing for WeekendNotes which you will find out about if you give it a try. The better quality the review, the more likely you will receive a one-off bonus amount ($5-$10)

If you have zero experience writing, do not worry. Weekend Notes has a community vibe and although writing quality is appreciated, so is your valuable opinion of a place you have visited. It could be a local coffee shop, markets, playground or a theatre. You can write about any destination!

So when you snap a photo for your facebook remember, you could be making that photo work for you with a short (or long) review.

My experience with WeekendNotes has been nothing but valuable and it gives me the opportunity to write about things I love without the pressure of creating an article that has expectations of a Journalist.

This is a great article title “Why Arent You Writing For Weekend Notes?” which puts some further points to readers about the benefits of writing about your travels.


Source Bottle

Source Bottle is a service that business, journalists and bloggers use to find leads. The benefits of joining Source Bottle even if you are none of these is the opportunity to be a “Paid” lead.

For example, a major magazine may put a call out for someone to discuss what it’s like experiencing a certain event.

The event could be a major illness, divorce, co-parenting, losing a friend, an accident – There are so many things that I see call outs for on Source Bottle.

If you check your Source Bottle newsletter a few times a week you will find occasionally some of these leads are paid to discuss the topic.

An example is Take 5 Magazine who pay up to $2000 if your story fits their call out. It could be something as simple as “Have you found love on a Dating Site” for a Valentines Day article.

Some sources will not require you to offer pictures and names – it’s your choice the limit you want to put on your privacy.


AIR BNB – Updated!

Not exactly a way to earn money online, but if you use your Air BNB link to refer friends, as soon as they take a trip you will receive $25 credit. If the persons spend is over $100, you will receive $50 credit.

It’s more money in your pocket when saving for a holiday – which equals cold hard cash eventually!

If you haven’t signed up yourself yet, take advantage of earning up to $100 credit on your first trip by using a referral link. Then, use YOUR link to send to others once you have signed up and get even more credit when they book a place!

Air BNB savings can be massive if you pick the right places. Here is an example of a Gold Coast Resort which normally costs hundreds in peak season, but I snagged and owner rented apartment for $80 – $120 a night.


Facebook Marketplace – Updated!

Got something you are good at? Something you can make? Maybe you are great at spotting labels at thrift stores and flipping them, Facebook Marketplace is really starting to finally achieve growth and users are all over it!


Network Marketing

I know, the big bad MLM! Some are good. Some are bad. Some are just downright scams. If you are 100% not interested in Network Marketing, skip this one.

Over a 10 year period I have tried three different companies, including Avon. I said I’d never join another one ever again. My biggest mistake was joining for the love of money and not the love of the product.

So this time around I joined Doterra (Essential Oils), after using the product for 5 months. Even then I only intended to join as a wholesale customer. I kept on recommending the oils to friends as I get complimented about how I smell all the time (and my home). So why wouldn’t I take advantage of that?

I am at the point where I am getting most of the oils I use for free, which is one less cost I have to worry about.

You can find more info HERE.


Money In The Form Of Products – Updated!

A new list of sample and other Free Product pages is now available HERE as it has grown to quite a few pages.

One particular platform called Social Soup sends out larger products with more value with the more campaigns you participate in. As you participate more you receive full size products which you then won’t have to buy at the store!


Earn Money Online With Youtube – Updated!

Note, Youtube Algorithm has changed so much and now if you do not have a 1000+ subscriber count you are not eligible for monetisation. With this in mind, I no longer reccomend YouTube as a side hustle, to earn money online with Youtube you will need to be dedicated.

I will leave the details here regardless :).

This is another way you can make money – but be warned it’s not a lot. If you have a passion for documenting travel or just overall storytelling, this could be for you.

Long term it adds up and could be treated as passive income. A lot of people think they are not creative or talented enough for YouTube. When looking at making a small amount of passive income monthly you need to make evergreen videos.

Video your experiences and use a Video App to edit them into a short VLOG of your trip. The minimum length for a travel vlog is recommended at 10 Minutes as you want to get a mid roll ad for those who are still watching.

Here is an EXAMPLE I did for this article to show you that Videos do not need to be complicated to pick up some income.


Earn Money Online Using TOP Buzz – Updated!

Top Buzz is relatively new. It does require you to have a Facebook page. If you consistently have interesting videos and photos. You can post these on Top Buzz or your Facebook Page (Top Buzz syncs with this and grabs the content for you)

You will earn a small amount of revenue, unless your post goes viral – then you will earn much more!

This content became popular when small YouTubers could no longer earn money through the demonetisation of channels with under 1000 subs.

I don’t know how long this platform will last, but get on it while you can.


Mouths Of Mums – Money In The Form Of Products

This is one I’m reluctant to add because MOMS requires a LOT of contributions to earn a prize. I will give you some tips on this below.

Mouths Of Mums works on rewarding their “Top” contributors each month. Prizes are as high as $500. I am a former contributor, the list time I actively contributed the monthly prize was a $300 coffee machine.

I have received both toys and books from Mouths Of Mums for sending in recipes and kids activities.


How To Make Mouths Of Mums This Work For You

Keep all of your photos of arts, crafts, baking etc. Create articles using a word doc and save them all up. Once you do have around 70 articles, submit them all within ONE month. If you can only create 20 recipes a month, you will not even get a runners up prize.

But if you save all of your things up and submit them in a larger amount – you will reach the top of the ladder. Keep all of your articles basic. There is no need to put a huge amount of effort into wording as they are instructional pieces.

There are many many ways you can earn money online, these are the avenues I have trialled out more recently. If you would like to see some other ideas which require selling products in small amounts please visit HERE.


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