Hayley Thinks The Twirlywoo’s Are Awesome

Hayley Thinks The Twirlywoo’s Are Awesome

If you had a little sister or brother you may remember the Teletubbies. Then came along In The Night Garden, a show my children loved and still occasionally watch now. There is a fairly new addition on the scene. The Twirlyoos.

I loved shows like Gumby & Pingu as a child. Twirlywoos reminds me of these shows quite a lot. Each episode features a myriad of textures, objects and animals. The show also combines moments with real people as well. There is a strong educational element which is a bonus when your child is parked in front of the telly.

Hayley had the opportunity to sample some of The Twirlywoo’s Merchandise from Twirlywoos HQ. She really surprised me with how much she loves the figurines in particular. Sure, kids love toys but my daughter prefers to play with cars and trucks, she is obsessed with the Ninja turtles.

The Twirlywoo plush has been her bedtime teddy for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed interacting with it in bed has made bedtimes a little easier. Check out Hayley’s first impressions of the toys below.

Twirlywoo’s merchandise is available at The ABC Shop.

Disclaimer: All products were gifted from the company,
Review itself is not- sponsored, opinions of the products are genuine.

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