The Benefits Of Giving Kids Chores

The Benefits Of Giving Kids Chores

We all have so much housework to deal with that it makes sense to spread the load a little. Getting your kids involved with chores will not only help you out but will also help them learn about being a team player, working hard and having responsibilities.

There are all sorts of chores young children can be given, from tidying up their toys to helping set the dinner table. They’ll also learn fun skills too, like discovering how to help plants grow by watering them, and how to clean makeup brushes by using hair conditioner.

Here are our tips on when and how to get started, choosing chores and what kids can do to help in each room of the home.

When To Get Started

Children as young as two or three can get involved with helping out around the house, under adult supervision of course – you don’t want to find they’ve made more mess than they’ve cleared up! The younger they start, the less likely they’ll resist. As they get a bit older and start school, they’ll be able to do more small chores independently, so the amount of work and responsibility of these chores will grow with them and will more easily become a part of their routine if you introduce them to household tasks early on.

How To Get Started

Create a chore chart so everybody knows what’s expected. Kids will love to tick off jobs done, or place a sticker next to the tasks they’ve completed that day. And this is also a way of introducing the concept of organisation to them and help them start planning their days. There are sweet little toy cleaning sets that lots of children love to play with. Mini brooms, brushes and mops are just the right size for small hands, and are actually effective too. So you can gift them a set and ask them to help you out – cleaning can be a fun activity!

Choosing Chores

Your children’s ages and abilities will dictate what chores are most appropriate. They might have particular interests that make it more fun too. The animal fan in the family will love learning how to take care of the pet’s food, while the fashion fan will love sorting laundry and the beauty lover will enjoy knowing more about how to clean makeup brushes. If your children are particularly resistant to the idea, get them involved in picking out their own chores. Starting slowly and giving them some ownership can help turn an unwilling participant into an enthusiastic team member. But if you make it a game and a fun task to do, children up to 6 years old will generally get involved easily as they like to enjoy mimicking what grown-ups do.

Bathroom & Laundry Chores

When cleaning and organising the bathroom, kids will love to learn how to clean makeup brushes and how to polish the taps.

  • Put the bath toys away
  • Help sort laundry into the hamper and put clean clothes away
  • Help clean the bathroom (with non-toxic products)

Living Room Chores

Children will be more mindful when playing with their toys and eating snacks if they know they have to tidy up afterwards.

  • Help put books back on shelves
  • Tidy up their toys into boxes
  • Sweep crumbs off the floor
  • Dust small areas

Bedroom Chores

Their bedroom will feel more like their own special space if they play a part in keeping it looking neat, tidy and organised.

  • Make their own bed
  • Help pack their bag for school
  • Help organise their clothes

Kitchen Chores

Getting kids involved with kitchen chores helps make mealtimes a fun family event.

  • Help put away the groceries
  • Help set and clear the dinner table
  • Help wash the dishes

Outdoor Chores

They’ll get a healthy dose of vitamin D while helping the family with garden chores.

  • Help water plants in the garden
  • Help feed the family pet
  • Help wash the car

Both parents and children will benefit from chores being shared amongst the family – these will bring them closer together. The kids will learn concepts such as organisation, responsibility, independence and teamwork. And children will always feel proud to help, however, small the task.

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