Journaling: the best way for kids to capture their holiday experience

Journaling: The Best Way For Kids To Capture Their Holiday Experience

We moved to Bali in 2011 with just six suitcases and two kids in tow. Our plan was to stay for one year but the pull of the magical island was too strong and we ended up living there for five years.

As my husband and I worked every day in our favourite coffee shop watching tourists come and go one thing struck a chord with us:  we often saw kids on their screens rather than engaging with the extraordinary world around them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with screen time. There’s many a dinner where I’ve given my daughters the phone so that we can eat in peace and Netflix makes a really great babysitter.

‘What if we created a journal about Bali?’ my husband suggested ‘something that would keep kids entertained while they learn a bit about the culture, language, food and geography’.

I loved the idea and wanted to create a homage to my tropical island home and so ‘My Awesome Bali Adventure’ was born.

I have spent a lot of time researching the benefits of journaling, from boosting IQ to sparking self-confidence and encouraging mindfulness. And who doesn’t want a smarter, more mindful kid?

Whether you’re on a road trip to see the grandparents or on a fresh adventure abroad, there are so many ways to encourage your kids to journal:

  • Start with the essentials. Buy your kids a notebook and a pen. Coloured pencils, glue, scissors are all added bonuses.
  • If your kids aren’t into writing, just get them to jot down notes in point form
  • If they can’t write yet, have them dictate a couple of lines to you every night
  • Drawings are a great way for kids to record what they see
  • Have a few prompts handy. What was the weather like today? What music did we listen to in the car? (It will be fun to embarrass them when they’re older and they’ve written down Justin Beiber)
  • Get them to keep tickets and entry stubs so they can remember where they went.


Journals make an incredible keepsake: they capture a brief and magical moment in time, you get to see the world through your child’s eyes and they get to document their travel experience.

This is a guest post from Eliza Mcann, The creator behind My Awesome Bali Adventure. If you would like the opportunity to win a Kids Travel Journal, unique to Bali – please visit HERE.


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