Honest Trailor’s Dishes On Moana.

Honest Trailor’s Dishes On Moana

Have You Seen Moana?

Have You Seen Moana? What did you think? I didn’t have any expectations going in. If I had a choice, I would have watched Allied. But, I have three kids and it’s school holidays. Of course, I’m going to take them to see Moana!

I was completely stunned. I guess I expected a digitally better looking Lilo & Stitch, hopefully with more cultural appreciation. I think they went beyond coconuts, Hawaiian skirts and tribal tattoos. Moana is an incredibly determined young woman, with no prince to save her.

Time and time again we see these movies and the story is the same. Boy meets girl. Boy loses the girl. Boy saves girl. Boy and girl live happily ever after. Things seem to be changing in that respect, female characters appear to be much stronger in Disney movies.

The movie is digitally stunning, the music is powerful and the storyline is strong. I even teared up a bit, although I cried in the Lion King so that doesn’t really say much….and Bambi….and Dumbo. If you have reservations because you think Moana is just another Lilo & Stich or Pocahontas – I beg you to give it a chance.

Even Honest Trailor’s Had Some Positive Things To Say About Moana


  1. Master 5 & I just got back from watching it he told me it was the bestest movie ever.
    Though he did get a bit scared of the lava monster.
    It was great no love story just a determined girl & he whacko chicken

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