7 Things To Do On A Stinkin’ Hot Day In The Redlands

Things To Do On A Stinkin’ Hot Day In The Redlands

1. Swim. Obviously.

For those that hate getting sand in your crack, The Redlands has surprisingly decent swimming facilities. If your up for a drive to Chandler you an access the Aquatic Centre which has too many things to offer to list here, Link Below.

If you don’t mind a bit of sand, the occasional blue bottle and a sunscreen bath, The bay is perfect. Which bay? Well, that is the question. The Redlands has a few swimming spots but personally I think Thompsons Beach and Wellington Point are the best. If you don’t want my biased opinion, you can check some other spots out below.

Swimming Spots & Pools In The Redlands

 2. Shop Till You Drop or Just Use The Free Air Con

There are many Shopping Centres in the Redlands, but some of them have very average Air Conditioning. I think the Air Con at Capalaba Park can get a little like Soup, but individual stores do alright. Central has the added benefit of the Library being behind it, I’ll get to that later.

During the holidays these shopping centres have events for kids so you can sit your bum in the Air Con and your kids will still be entertained. Grab yourself a Slurpy and enjoy the Air Con at the expense of the centre’s power bill.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending a little extra and you have a family to keep cool, Indoor Play centres are the rage. Check out those below.


 3. Go See A Movie, Eat Choc Tops & Play Games

We are super lucky to have a couple of Cinemas in the Redlands. Victoria Point used to be far cheaper than Capalaba. Both cinemas are now managed by Event. Capalaba is $9.50 and Victoria Point is $9.00 for an adults ticket.

It pays to check out the promotions at the cinemas, currently, if you rack up 3 visits you get your 4th free – conditions do apply. They also have “Bring Your Baby” days and other events. Both cinemas are surrounded by food outlets and major grocery stores.

  • Free Ticket Promotion Info HERE.
  • Gaming Arcade HERE.
  • Bring Your Baby Days HERE

 4. Eat & Drink Yourself Silly

The Redlands has food outlets everywhere. But what about the kids? The Redlands has a few places you can go which have a Kid’s Club you can take advantage of on a boiler of a day.

Please note, The Redlands RSL also has a Kids Club and is not on this list because I have yet to test it out. Most of these places are indoors in the air con, Those that are outside are not too bad for shade or I wouldn’t take the kids on any day.

 5. Hang Out At The Library

I know, you think the Library might be a bit boring. If you are studying at the moment and it’s far too hot to concentrate please, give it a go. If you have kids, The library has your back and trust me, the staff are amazing.

Gone are the times where libraries were places you had to be 100% silent in. They now hold workshops for both children and adults which involve craft & other activities. If you don’t like a book, they also lend dvds and Music. Give it a go!

I have included some pictures of the Library and things you can do below.


 6. Have A Barbecue At A Shaded Playground

You don’t HAVE to swim to stay cool. The Redlands has some playgrounds which are super shady. Such as Wello Point with its intricate web of giant trees to climb on. You can walk out to King Island and dip your feet in without going for the full swim.

Other spots like GJ Walter Park, which are not as nice for a swim, have huge trees and the pub is close by if you want to pick up a feed instead of cooking your own. Cleveland Point park, where the lighthouse in often catches a nice draft and has a few trees for shade as well as Gazebos.

Beth Boyd Park has shady trees on the top of the hill and one big tree in the middle, the playground area is underneath a huge shade net. The water is close by to dip your feet. Some of these parks are dog-friendly with both On and Off – leash areas. More info HERE.


 7. Play Videos Games Or Have A Clean Out In The Air Con

If you’re going to sit in the air con at home why not be productive, have a clean out and sell your stuff on the Local Garage Sale groups. Make some cash and spend it on more air con.

If you love a bit of gaming why not. Both Capalaba Park, Capalaba Central & Victoria Point have an EB Games. You can toodle down in the Air Con and pick yourself up a preloved game and some munchies.

EB Games won’t like me for saying this but don’t trade your games. Sell them on your Local Garage Sale Site, PS3 games are still selling for up to $10 each depending on the title. Another place for cheap games is Cash Converters Capalaba, you have a bit of an advantage here because you can negotiate with these guys (depending on their mood).

If you want to sell your games or anything local you can do that HERE. If you want tips on selling your stuff on facebook, there are some HERE.


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