Amazing Street Performers Of South Bank Brisbane

Street Performers Of South Bank Brisbane

It wouldn’t be South Bank without the Street Performers and Buskers!

South Bank has street performers that visit both nationally and internationally.

The shows are exceptional and performers need to pass an audition before they are considered for a permit.

We have seen some incredible Street Performers in Brisbane South Bank. Melon The Human is by far my fave. We have seen him 4 – 5 times now and he never disappoints.

You can find his Facebook Page HERE and sometimes he updated his next show.

Melon The Human has a very funny light hearted nature during the show but his cirque style performance is unique and intense.

There is no amount of video that could capture his Aerial Cube at the end of the show, but we did our best.

Note: Performance is usually done to awesome music like Skrillex, but we wanted to show you on Facebook, who will remove the video without a change of audio. 


Street Performers in Brisbane offer a free show with no obligation to pay for what you see. We take change along for after the show.

I think it’s important to contribute and encourage the performers who live and visit Brisbane to continue to come back and entertain us.

A lot of the performers I have seen are raising money to take themselves overseas, buy more equipment, train with better performers and be accepted into national and global touring shows.

If you think about the performers in shows like Cirque De Soliel – they all started somewhere.

Here’s another video of a Street Performer at South Bank Brisbane.


The best times to see Street Performers in South Bank Brisbane is on a weekend.

Events such as the South Bank Festival and Regional Flavours often means an increase in Street Performers and show times during the day. The crowds are bigger but the shows are worth it.

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