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Mouthguard Challenge Game – Win The Game!

We recently had a little go at the Mouthguard Challenge. The game is suitable for older teens & adults to wear and younger children can still have fun observing. Alternatively, I can imagine the game being used when hanging out with some mates over a few drinks – who says we can’t have a bit of fun at our own expense?

The Mouthguard Challenge has been an extremely popular gift purchase in 2016 and continues to be popular with both teens & adults. When Australian Mum launched a giveaway for the game we heard reports of stores being sold out, so if you see one grab it while it’s hot!

Here is my no filter family approach on a Sunday afternoon playing around with the game with & my daughters managing the cards…

Disclaimer: Product Supplied By AMPR – No Payment was received for the review, we thought it was a fun product and an opportunity to create some humorous content. 

Mouthguard Challenge Game:

This is your chance to participate in the online social media craze of the Mouthguard challenge!

Can your friends make up what you are trying to say, sing, explain? Can you eat a cookie, flip a coin or drink some water, all while wearing the feared Mouthguard? Challenge each other and become the number 1 Mouthguard expert!

Hasbro’s Mouthguard Challenge can be purchased from Kmart Australia. Big thanks to Hasbro for sending the game out and giving one away to an Australian Mum reader. We look forward to reviewing more from Hasbro & other games in 2017. Our other Toy Reviews are HERE.

Win Your Own Mouthguard Challenge Game

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