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Globber Scooter Australia MyToo Review

Globber Scooter Australia MyTOO 12.5 Review

We have been lucky enough to collaborate with Globber Scooter Australia to review the MyToo product. Ryan has the road, pathway and skate park tested the Globber Scooter (MyTOO 12.5 Model).The results are in! The design has an immediate first impression, excitement.

Globber Scooter Australia sent us the MyTOO 12.5 scooter and everything in this review is my genuine opinion. Update: 6 months on we own 3 Globber Scooters & all have held up so well, we are thrilled with the product.



Globber Scooter Australia

What Does Mum Think Of The Globber Scooter?

Set up is not instant, but it’s easy. The Globber MyToo 12.5 Scooter has levers in place so the scooter is reinforced. From a safety perspective, you do not have to stress that your child is going to be flying along and it will fold down, or unlock causing the scooter to wobble and throw your child onto the pavement.

This is important to me, Ryan is like a road train. I want my child to challenge himself to do tricks & go faster without being worried about the safety of the equipment. The Globber Scooters have a very specialised look, something I would expect to only find in a high-end bike store – with no compromise on quality.

I would like to state the importance of reliability with products in my home. As mentioned previously in reviews Ryan has a brain injury. This affects the working motor skills, working and memory muscle. This is not a selling point, I’m passionate about the potential learning with play and exercise can make in any child’s life.

When children face developmental challenges, a key thing in aiding their progress is self-confidence. Gone are the days where I buy products like imitation Lego, the anxiety and disappointment putting it together is not worth the pain. This scooter is smooth, easy to ride and has no hiccups. Ryan can confidently spend time boosting those motor skills with no unnecessary difficulty using the product.

The Kick Stand

I don’t know about other parents but I get tired of reminding kids not to lean scooter on the walls, the car or the lowset windows. The handle bars take the paint off if they are not gentle. The kickstand solves this problem.

The Adjustable Handle Bars

Last year I purchased a scooter from a large department store which cost almost the same as a Globber Scooter. No adjustable handle bar – within 6 months it needed a replacement due to how tall my child is.

The Slightly Wider Board Without Compromise

For younger children on long commutes, the wider board is very helpful. It’s far more comfortable when gliding along with both feet on the board. This does not compromise the weight of the board, it’s lighter than our previous slimline scooter and has a clip on carry strap.

What Does Ryan Think Of The Globber Scooter?

When I asked Ryan what he likes about the Scooter he said the colour, the board and the steering. Being a 10 year old boy he would like to show you how awesome it is rather than talk about it, check out Ryan’s Video Review at the top of this page.

Globber Scooter Australia

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