5 Of The Cheapest Kids Activities In Australia

5 Of The Cheapest Kids Activities In Australia

I have narrowed it down to 5 of the Cheapest Kids Activities In Australia in one list for you! No, not playgrounds and beaches. Those are SO obvious!! I’m talking about organised events, festivals and just all round awesomeness during the holidays.


This one will get you outdoors. There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world. You can do Geocaching anytime you want in any town. Once you find your Geocache you can sign the log book, trade things inside the cache or leave it be. For more info on Geocaching visit HERE




I have put this one first because I know IKEA isnt everywhere in Australia. For those who are lucky enough to have an IKEA close by it’s a great place to take the kids. You can use the child minding facilities at Smaland or if you take them in with you the Kids Section has some items to Demo.

An extra bonus is the cheap food, IKEA does a great lunch on a budget.




Bunnings has regular free kids workshops. If you have not tried one of these you will be pleasantly suprised. MY kids have made some pretty neat things! The last Bunnings session my kids went to they made a Wooden tray which my daughter keep her Loom bands in, its actually useful.




Check your local shopping centre websites and social media for kids activities. Often these are free or a small fee for supplies provided. Some shopping centres have indoor playgrounds like this one in Box Hill, Melbourne.

Cost: FREE (most of the time)

A List Of Major Shopping Centre Activities:


Shopping Centre Activities At Box Hill Central

CAMPING & Drive Thru Movies

There are only a few drive through movies left in Australia. Luckily the outdoor cinema trend is returning and you can visit places like Ben & Jerrys Open Air Cinemas who open seasonally throughout the country. Camp out with your blankets and pillows for the evening and catch a movie with your family.

For a list of Drive In Cinemas you can visit here.

Camping: You don’t have to go camping to actually go camping. Get your camping gear out and set it up in the backyard. For the next level of camping fun set your tent up at a local park near the water or somewhere the kids love, take some food and camp out until dusk. As long as you pack your gear up and don’t stay overnight you can “camp” anywhere.

For FREE & cheap camping information in Australia visit HERE

COST: Movies In The Park – FREE, Camping in the backyard – FREE


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