How To Find Cheap Camping Sites In Australia

How To Find Cheap Camping Sites In Australia

Free camping spots are becoming rare in Australia. Cheap camping sites are still available but how do you find them? The best way is to do your research before you choose. Have a look at what other people are saying. Some sites might be cheap but are severely lacking any sort of facilities or even a store close by.


WikiCamps is an app for Australian Campers. Wikicamps has the most up to date list of campgrounds and other relevant locations on the internet. You can use Wikicamps on your tablet, phone or PC. It has the ability to work offline and includes a trip planner.


Free Camping Australia

Free Camping Australia is a community Facebook group which keeps eachother up to date with Free and Cheap camp spots all around Australia. If someone comes across a dodgy camp site with poor facilities, your bound to find out here. Plenty of great recommendations and questions about all things camping are welcomed. Free Camping Australia also have a Facebook Page HERE and a website HERE.


Free Range Camping Australia 

Free Range Camping is run by a family who had a vision to provide a people with a place to go to find alternative camping grounds. You can search the 8000+ Directory for both free and cheap camping spots in Australia. For full instructions Free Range Camping have a great video on Facebook.




Once you have found some places your interested in it doesn’t hurt searching to Free Camping Australia Facebook group for any conversations to get an idea if its a great fit for your family. Alternatively sites like TripAdvisor and Weekend Notes also provide a lot of community written reviews about locations all over Australia.

I know first hand what its like to rock up to a paid camp site to find it riddles with bindies, unkept or just simple things like no water in the creek for the kids to have a splash in. You can find out all of this information before you head off in your camping community.

Good Luck & Happy Camping

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