Go Ahead, Call Me A Bogan Mum.

Go Ahead, Call Me A Bogan Mum.

I’m so sick of seeing Mothers being branded. WOMEN being branded. I’m tired of our men being branded too! When did we – Australia – become a bunch of pontificating stuck up preachers wearing their twat stickers? It must be exhausting playing politics in their daily social life.

I’m tired of seeing the terms “Slummy Mummy” and “Bogan Breeders”.  Bogan is a term that suggests a lower social status. “Bogan” means lower class, unsophisticated and “Uncouth”. What kind of pompous jackass invented the word “uncouth”. Say it….say uncouth and try not to look like Donald’s Trumps starfish when it comes out of your mouth.

As an Aussie Mum I love a good barbecue, If I have an occasional drink its rum and I wear thongs just about everywhere. I love driving with the windows down and the music loud. My kids wear whatever they feel like wearing because it’s the local park, not a fashion parade.

Poida Approves

I don’t carry baby wipes with me and dot the sides of my children’s mouths in case somebody put’s me on Instagram. I don’t know where my shoes are all of the time and sometimes I cant find matching socks. I’m too busy for that shit. I LIVE my life through life itself and not through a damn lens.

When did it become okay to strip people of feeling alive? Feeling free? Branding them with a label. We are OBSESSED with labels and category’s. Socioeconomic statuses are NOT social terms, they should not bleed into how we socialise with each other and get along.

When you see a Mum in her tarago with her 4 kids, empty chip packets on the floor and fingerprints on the window – shes a mother. Shes not a Bogan mum. Chip packets are not a priority. Fingerprints are not a priority. The mental health and the love that she gives her children, that’s a mofo priority!

So go ahead, Call me Bogan if you want. I’m super fun at parties. I write what I like.

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