The school holidays are just around the corner, which is a great chance for parents to spend some quality time with their kids. The only catch is: school holidays can get expensive! But the end of year break shouldn’t mean you must sacrifice your savings just to keep the troupe entertained. This year it’s time to get creative by coming up with some dollar friendly distractions that won’t break the bank.

We spoke to Gordana Redzovski from Scoopon to get her top recommendations on cheap and cheerful things to do in the school holiday activities that are bound to please the entire family.



  • Bike Riding

Take your family on a two-wheeled adventure they won’t soon forget. Dust off your helmet and head for a local bike track. Take a packed lunch (and plenty of water) and choose a fun trail that’ll excite the kids. There’s also plenty of places offering cheap bike hire if you haven’t got two wheels of your own. It’s a great way to get the kids exploring and out of the house!


  • House Camping

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly way to spend time with the kids, why not look in your own backyard! Take a walk on the wild side with your kids and spend a night under the stars. Set up a tent, grab some sleeping bags and stay up late telling scary stories! To dial up the excitement factor, crack open some marshmallows and graham crackers for some delightful s’mores.


  • Trampolining

Bounce your way to a better day by taking your little ones trampolining. The thrill of soaring high into the air will keep the kids smiling, while the low cost will put parents in a good mood! In fact, trampolining deals ranked as the most popular family activity deal category for Scoopon in 2016. Jump online and search for your nearest trampolining park – it will please kids of all ages.


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  • Paintball

If your children are hosting a party this holiday season, then you’re going to need a good way to entertain a whole clan of boisterous kids! That’s where paintball comes into play. It’s great for big groups as teams are split in two and taken off into a paintball course. Fun, active and very competitive, paintball is perfect for a birthday or big celebration.


  • Cooking Class at Home

Make MasterChef’s in your own home by turning the kitchen into your own cooking class. Take your tiny chefs to the grocery store, pick out some fun ingredients – desserts are always a winner – and give them each a recipe. Give out prizes for the perfect dish and at the end of the day, you can sample their handy work! Tip: stick to simple recipes with few ingredients to keep things wallet friendly.


  • Outdoor Cinemas

These holidays, why not combine two things your kids love – the big screen and the great outdoors? There are several open-air cinemas popping up around the country, with lots of opportunities to take advantage of the long days and balmy weather. Research online and find a cinema near you, pack some tasty treats and head off for a night with the stars under the stars!


  • Crafternoon

Get crafty with the kids by hosting a Crafternoon. Head to a discount store and pick up some art supplies. Once you are home get creative, encouraging the kids to make cards, photo frames, decorations. It’s a fun and budget friendly way to spend a day, plus it stimulates their minds – without draining your wallet! If their work looks good, it can serve as your Christmas gift packaging this year too.

Need some more inspiration on how to get savvy with your wallet during the expensive school holiday season? Check out Scoopon’s infographic on the 10 most popular deals they’ve sold in the past year or so.


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