You May Not Like Sponsored Blog Posts, But Hear Me Out

You May Not Like Sponsored Blog Posts, But Hear Me Out

I usually write about funny stuff , recipes, craft ideas and all of that typical “Mum Blog” stuff. I try to also offer up some more alternative points of view and a pretty raw outlook on being a mother, human, the womanly vessel who dropped out children….ok you get it.

I want to say something about sponsored blog posts, I know its a bit of a mundane topic. These can sometimes annoy readers because you’re not here to be sold to. Just to clarify before I go on, I have not yet done a full sponsored post for exactly this reason.

This is also EXACTLY why you should be open to reading these posts, I’ll explain.

Here in Australia, the blogging industry is not as huge as the U.S. – because our population is much smaller. The bloggers I know wouldn’t dream of publishing a sponsored post for an utterly shit product. I’m not saying shit products NEVER get sponsored posts, but in general, bloggers have far more pride than to sell out like that.

I like sponsored posts because they are true to their name, sponsored post. A business has paid money to a blogger to write about their product. 9/10 times they send the product to the blogger to test out and give an informed opinion on it.

This is WAY BETTER than the millions of dollars spent each year towards advertising companies who place ads on billboards, newspapers and television. These agencies don’t give two craps about the content – its all for the money. Often this advertising is fed to us without us even realising. It’s short, spurts of sporadic content displayed to us and we have soaked it up before even having a chance to “switch off”.




A blogger actually takes into consideration…”Is this product shit?” ….”will my audience buy this product, discover its a piece of crap and then burn me at the stake?”….we all know when you piss the internet off, suddenly bunnings has sold out of pitchforks.

I recently told another blogger I knock back quite a few things and she could not believe I knock back free products. Same thing, different issue, why would I want to cost a small business money giving me things if I won’t use them? That’s just silly business.

I have a brilliant time with the products sent to me and some of the concepts Australian brands have for kids are mindblowing.  I also include video of my kids using the products because let’s be honest, my wild outrageous, unique little individuals would not keep their shit under control on camera if a product was boring, crap and useless.

I am FORCED to be authentic by my small tribe of minions.




But….It is time to start accepting sponsored posts. The jig is up, Now I love, love, love, the audience that has been so good to me. I won’t be advertising As Seen On Tv Foof Depilatory Cream or Magic Chip Cutters.

This month Australian Mum will hit over NINE THOUSAND people visiting me, which for a very small blog and just Lil ole’ me sailing the ship is HUGE. It makes me want to give you more so badly I actually sometimes lose sleep on how I will manage to push through the next level of awesome content.

So my promise to you all is. Sponsored blog posts yes, but NO BULLSHIT, Things still stay the same and If I say a product is awesome, it’s farking awesome!!!


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