7 Ways To Make Money In An Emergency

7 Ways To Make Money In An Emergency

The cost of living in Australia isn’t extreme, but it is certainly high. Being broke AF is the pits. When you face hard times do you know how to make money in an emergency? Being crippled by financial stress often leaves a person unable to function and do the quick thinking is requires to make money.

There is no shame in finding yourself in a tight situation. It’s happening to families across the country every day. The social environment is shifting and more people are starting to understand that becoming broke or homeless is not always a consequence of drugs or alcohol. Severe financial distress can come for a number of reasons.

This is why it’s important to know the things you can do to help, especially if currently you are living from paycheck to paycheck. People who are living on a very lean budget are all walks of life. Some have taken the risk to jump into a startup business. Putting everything on the line to hopefully build a better and happier future, doing what they love. Even if it means eating baked beans for 6 months.

Preventing a financial crisis is just as important as how to make money when you’re faced with needed money in an emergency. Some Tips for prevention are HERE.

How To Make Money In An Emergency

My emergency money making tips are based on needing cash between 1 – 7 days. Some of these tips will get you cash by the end of the day dependent on the effort you put in. You probably have already considered the ideas here, but it might take this article to push you into what’s required to save the day.



Selling Items On The Facebook Marketplace

Selling items on the Facebook Marketplace is now even easier than ever. You no longer have to be part of a group with the introduction of the marketplace. You have access to everyone in your immediate area, leaving selling groups almost obsolete.

Selling items on the internet on any platform isn’t as easy as it looks. You may find listing your items easy, but getting the price you want is a matter of how you work it. Some key elements of successful Facebook selling are well-worded descriptions, Decent product photos and clear pickup instructions.

The reason you should put in some effort when it comes to selling on facebook is that good listings create trust. People need to trust you if they are going to the effort of driving to your home and paying you their hard earned money for an item with no warranty and no guarantee.

If you want to sell items on a regular basis consider the size of your community. Never sell broken or dirty items, you will eventually be known as a bad seller and word gets around very quickly on social media.

Here are some Facebook Selling tips HERE based on the Group Format. For future updates regarding the new Facebook Marketplace subscribe to Australian Mum in the right-hand sidebar.


Organise A Garage Sale

This is the obvious way to sell some of your items. If you don’t feel like you have enough items to sell, door knock your neighbour’s homes and ask them if they want to put some items out. Even if it’s only Wednesday you can still hold a last minute garage sale.

The perks of advertising a garage sale last minute are that your ads appear at the top on both Gumtree $ Facebook marketplace. Meaning those that are checking garage sale listings on a Friday will see your advertisement first.

Start sifting through your items and put them all in the garage. If you don’t have a garage pile them into the loungeroom. If you want to price them just tear up some scrap paper and tape some prices on the items as you put each one out.


3 Day Auctions On Ebay

If you can’t have people to your home to pick up or live in a remote community Ebay is an option. A 3 Day Auction often sees you paid before the end of the week. The payment isn’t guaranteed by then as buyers have 5 Days to pay before you can take action. In my experience, 8/10 buyers pay quickly as they want their items ASAP.

The only unfortunate problem is you have to offer PayPal or bank account. Paypal is instant but takes 4 days to withdraw. The upside is a lot of bills accept PayPal as well as places such as Domino’s pizza. Although I’m not advocating you eat Pizza regularly, if you have zero funds in your bank you can still use PayPal for some things in life.


Check All Of your Pockets & Odd Places

I know this is an odd one to suggest. I have found gold coins and sometimes notes in odd places. Once a $50 note under my bed. Other times I have found gold coins in pockets of several pants and in the rim of the washing machine.

If your financial emergency is to the point you can’t even afford a loaf of bread its worth having scrounge for change. Once you know you can afford a couple of things for the pantry your anxiety levels will be in a much better state.


Advertise Odd Jobs On Your Local Facebook Page

What are you good at? Can you mow lawns? Are you good at ironing or cleaning? Fixing Computers? The key to acquiring an odd job quickly is to be trustworthy and not in a state of desperation. If potential clients think you are desperate for the money they often link this to the job being done in a hurry without quality.

An example of advertising yourself in a local community group is:

I’m looking for some lawns to do this week. I have my own reliable car and if you book your lawn this week I’m keen to offer you a medium sized yard for $X . I have two spots left on Friday, My phone number is 000 555 666.

I have seen success with this on my own local groups countless times. Especially with Lawns, Cleaning and odd jobs around the home. Don’t undercut yourself and work for pennies, just offer an attractive deal and be authentic. People value honesty and trust over an extremely cheap service.

If you already work full time consider taking these jobs on a Sunday short term. Just to get yourself out of a rut. I don’t agree without working yourself to the point of no quality of life. Half a day’s work on Sunday for a few weeks while your work out other things may be the building blocks to a better future. Consider your budget and future prevention methods HERE.

Check Lost Money Websites

This isn’t likely to get you money within 7 Days. Personally, I have never applied for the release of lost money. I guess if you have lost money and you apply on a Monday depending on the nature of the finances it may be possible to acquire the money within 7 days – but whether it would be in your account by then is another topic.

I think its worth looking at though because the peace of mind you get when knowing your coming into money may help you to move on and make other plans to improve your finances. The burden of financial stress can be crippling, this is a stepping stone. Search For Lost Money HERE.


Flip Items From Garage Sales

This is a tricky one because it takes confidence. Garage sales are full of heavily underpriced items for the same reason recommended in this article. People often hold garage sales because they need money now or are on a deadline to move home and get rid of their unwanted items.

If you are confident in your knowledge of an item’s resale value and the time it will take to sell then flipping garage sale items can make you money quickly in an emergency. You will need some funds to buy your items and a small amount of petrol to get around.

In a busy metro area with lots of sales too choose from there is a huge amount of potential. Turning $50 into $100 is a simple goal. Many people do this as a side income every week and some earn a living from picking garage sales every weekend.

The best place to resell your items is the Facebook Marketplace and Local Gumtree. Ebay is an option but often postage and fees will destroy your profits and take longer to see the money in your account.

How To Make Money On The Side & Budget Ideas For The Home

Making money on the side can be done so many ways. You can flip items, run a micro-business, sell homemade items and do small odd jobs. These are just a few. These side projects are great if you are saving for something or are funding a career change.

Side projects are also great if you are a primary carer or a stay at home mum. Your first priority may be caring for someone or raising children. If you still have the drive and hunger to make an income you can see some simple ideas for side income HERE

For budgeting and cooking ideas see some great recipes HERE. These will help change the way you shop and create your meals, leaving more money for your side hustle to expand.



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