How To Play Tennis Indoors, With A Balloon

How To Play Tennis Indoors, With A Balloon.

We play this game all the time. Indoor activities for kids can still involve exercise if you have space. We have a toy area in the garage which is a large space so there is minimal risk of the racket breaking anything.

This can also be done outdoors undercover but it doesn’t work out well on a windy day. We have yet to get some decent pictures of this activity as its always very crazy when we play. I have included a video as an example.

This is a great sensory activity. There is very little strength needed to push the balloon to the other player. The game incorporates sound, colour and movement without having the usual competitive element of a game of tennis. There is less running involved as the balloon moves slower and a shorter distance.




This is great for children who are less likely to enjoy team sports, have trouble competing with others or become stressed or anxious because they don’t have the muscle strength required to play with a normal ball. This is common among children with Autism, like my son Ryan who loves this game.

You can play Balloon Volleyball if you do not have any rackets. This is a classic, easy and affordable activity that seems to be forgotten about – so I’m bringing it back! Please make sure if your child has a habit of mouthing or you have young children around that you supervise constantly, balloons are a choking hazard once popped.

What you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Badminton Rackets or Similar -You can just use your hands
  • Large Indoor area or Patio area

Indoor Balloon Tennis On A Rainy Day



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