Wahu Play Connex – Pool Toys That Combine Construction

Wahu Play Connex – Pool Toys That Combine Construction

I decided to leave Ryan in charge of the Wahu Play Connex Review because I know he will show you the real deal with the products we receive. Wahu Play Connex are inflatable tube shapes sticks in various bright colours. You can use these to build floating structures, they are pretty epic.

When the Wahu Connex arrived I have to admit I hadn’t yet been swayed by the advertisements. I thought my kids would just whack each other with them and become bored very quickly. I underestimated my child’s imagination and the Wahu Connex product! 

The structures Ryan built out of the Wahu Play Connex were pretty awesome. Check out this Star Wars style fighter jet….

Wahu play connex 1


Ryan played solo with the Wahu Connex for two hours before we got out for lunch, it seemed like he had only just gotten started on his building ideas. Wahu Connex are pool toys that combine construction, which is a very unique product considering whats on the market.

Ryan has a post cancer brain injury, it’s important he does daily activities to improve his muscle and working memory. I could see he really enjoyed and put effort into problem solving. When his structures flopped he was able to figure out how to support them with other pieces of play connex.


wahu-Play connex-2


Each box of Wahu Play Connex comes with 5 pieces. You can build small structures such as a pyramid with one box. We had 10 Pieces of Connex to work with which built quite a few different things as well as inspired some ideas…

    • Having a gladiator battle within a structure each
    • Racing the length of the pool in our pyramids
    • Building a raft each and making waves, see who stays on the longest
    • Building a Square and using it as a beach ball goal
    • Using single Play Connex as Pool Noodle style toys
    • Seeing how long the Play Connex would be if we connected them all long ways
    • Having a contest on who builds the best structure


Wahu Play Connex Video Demonstration


You Can Purchase Wahu Play Connex HERE at the Wahu Website.

This Review Is Not A Paid Advertisement, However All Products Have Been Supplied By Wahu 

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