9 Ridiculously Awesome Inflatable Pool Floats In Australia

Awesome Inflatable Pool Floats In Australia

Rocking The Inflatables This Summer? Pool Floats are everything you need to feel adventurous this summer without lifting a limb. Once you have these babies inflated it’s your choice whether you race your friends in them or lounge the afternoon away.

Luxury Pool Floats – How To Get Them

For Luxury Pool Floats such as the Famous Mythical Creatures or the Artist Edition Float Swan you will find these at FunBoy. FunBoy is a U.S. Company but they ship to Australia for $19 – best to purchase early if you want your Float by Christmas, just to be safe.

FunBoy Pool Floats cost between $100 – $170 Each as they are Luxury Floats and are BIG in size.

Unicorn Pool Float

Fantastical Kid’s Pool Floats In Australia

Don’t worry, you can purchase your fantasy style floats within Australia. Families with kids looking for something a little more budget-friendly have a huge range to choose from. Here are some from Rebel Sport. I’ll start off with one for the little person in your life….

A Flamingo For Baby. This Flamingo makes sure your baby – toddler doesn’t miss out on the fun, much safer with the inbuilt seat inside.

This Unicorn is everything…I’ll take 3….

I think every Mum in Australia deserves a pineapple lounge bed. Who say’s the Kids should have all the fun?


This Giant Pretzel Pool Float is so cool AND it’s only $12.99 From Rebel Sport.

 What would a list of Australian Pool Floats be without a gigantic seagull? This one won’t try to eat all your fish and chips but it will make your day in the water super fun.


It wouldn’t be a fantastical pool float list without the Donut With Sprinkles. Also only $12.99 from Rebel Sport. This makes me want to eat a donut right now…


Inflatables For Active Play & Energy Burning Fun

Maybe floating around for long periods just isn’t your thing? Maybe you need to tire the kids out so you can spend the afternoon on a Pineapple Pool Float with a drink in hand? Check these out from Wahu

Wahu Inflatable Slide with Hose Connection – Your own waterslide at home with the option of being able to pack it away. The Wahu products are durable PVC so you don’t have to worry about them popping from normal everyday play.


Wahu Connex

You can literally build your own floating fort with these inflatable connecting sticks. I’m loving that these can be used for wet and dry play. In the winter they don’t need to get shoved in storage, you can still make use of them indoors and outside on the grass.

We reviewed the Wahu Pool Connex recently – So we know first hand just how awesome this product is! You can see the full review on the blog soon and the Youtube Review HERE

connex pool float inflatable

I hope this list of pool floats have you inspired for summer! You’re going to have a fantastical time in the pool surrounded by an array of creatures and colours. If you choose any of these pool floats please tag me in a picture on Instagram, I would LOVE to see – Australian Mum Instagram.

This is a non-sponsored post. Some Links are provided in exchange for Rebel Sport & Wahu helping us with collating  photos of our Favourite Fantastical Pool Floats.

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