Day Trips & Kids VS No Kid’s

  Day Trips & Kids VS No Kid’s

Life before Kid’s is something I often think about. I don’t live in regret, my kids actually drive me to do things I wouldn’t have done pre-children. So if you’re looking to bring your sanctimummy bullshit comments here, don’t bother. I love my kids, more than life itself.

Kids can be little pooheads though. Part of being a Child is that your job is to occasional be a pain in the ass. It’s the natural order in life, to piss off your parent occasionally so you know your limit. Then, your child can constantly dangle under that limit every day of its life until he or she leaves home, then you can relax.

Something I love to do is Day Trips. Into the city, to regional areas, bushwalking, beachgoing – You name it. I just love getting in the car and driving away. Sometimes the best day trips are when you don’t even know where you’re going, I have had to cancel those post kids.

My Pre-Children life I would have come home after a day trip and ate pringles on the couch. My salt encrusted skin crunching along with my chips, falling asleep on the lounge shortly after. Dinner could wait and later after a nap I’d enjoy some shitty reality TV show in peace.

These days I spend the afternoon cleaning the car out of the 50 million items I told my kids they don’t need to bring with us. Bags of rubbish because one does not simply put wrappers in the side pocket, nor does one mention they need to put their banana peel in the bin.


My children seem “Re-Energised” after the 5-minute kip in the car. You know the one? It’s usually caused by post-bickering exhaustion.  Meanwhile, I’m still mentally traumatised from listening to the 20 arguments I had to diffuse on the way home in the car. Kid’s are skilled at arguing about anything, it’s incredible.

An afternoon “Shower” is actually a wet wipe you use to wipe half the days stench our of your cleavage and dinner usually looks like it’s been savaged by wolves. Luckily, my children, who are already behaving like animals still find it edible.

I settle for half a vegemite sandwich until they go to bed. Ah bedtime, of course after a big day out they would be tired right? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Just the word tired sends ripples through the house. But with some negotiation, I avoid a post-day trip emotional meltdown….


Except for my son. He’s still full of anxiety from the day’s travels. So many questions. Does a full moon cause problems? Can I sleep in the loungeroom? If I sleep in the loungeroom what if a bug crawls on me? Why are you so tired mum?

By the time I go to bed I’m usually trying to remember If I had a shower, did I have dinner and have I locked the car? This is when I collapse on the lounge and I start fantasising about what it would be like to come home without so many responsibilities.


I slip into their rooms before bed and kiss them all on the forehead, Then i realise, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Kids VS No Kid’s : Kids You Win.

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