Travelling With Kids, From A Mum Who Actually Travels

Travelling With Kids, From A Mum Who Actually Travels

Australian Mum has invited Amber Greene from Roam The Gnome to discuss how she keeps things in order when travelling with kids.

When I reached out for some advice in this area I really wanted a mum who actually travels with her kids. Amber has been all over the world with her children and knows the positives of travel and the pitfalls to avoid.

Amber’s Tips For Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids is the best fun in the world. It’s also exhausting and challenging at times. Make sure every family holiday tips towards the fun side of the scale by following these tips.

Pack Light.

There is nothing worse than trying to manoeuvre two large suitcases, a stroller, the kids’ backpacks, your day pack, and exhausted children as you navigate airports and new cities.

We now take no more than three changes of plain coloured clothes each to match the season and ensure that everything we wear can mix and match.

We add a pair of thongs and a pair of boots or sneakers plus our basic toiletries and nothing more. It’s far cheaper to buy anything else you might need than to pay excess luggage on every flight.

One Device Per Person.

When travelling on planes and during road trips, our devices are our best friends.

My eldest son uses my iPad, the little guy has access to my old iphone5, and I take my laptop. Do not be tempted by the idea that the kids can share one device. They can’t, and won’t, and you’ll be brought into the battle as a (stressed out) referee.  

I preload hand-picked movies, songs, and games onto each person’s device and let go of our normal Friday night & Sunday-only access rules. When we travel, we do what works to keep everyone happy, entertained, and quiet – for the sake of our sanity and that of our fellow travellers.

Once at our destination, we switch back to a one-hour per evening limit. My computer-mad eight-year-old son will join in any holiday activity or adventure if there’s the promise of screen time at the end of the day.

Keep Regular Meal Times and Pack Snacks

Prevent mood swings and meltdowns by making sure the kids eat and drink regularly. We try to keep to our home routine of eating as much as possible. We also plan ahead with a “grab-the-snacks” stop most days to avoid disaster. To keep costs down, we buy up big at local supermarkets wherever possible.

For plane trips and long drives, our newest tactic is to layer three plastic bags on top of each other, fill it with plain foods like:

  • rice crackers
  • brie cheese
  • potato chips
  • apples and bananas
  • muesli bars
  • arrowroot biscuits

You will also need a plastic knife. This bag of food saves money on in-flight meals, keeps their bellies full and happy with foods I know they’ll eat, and gives them something else to do when the screens aren’t holding attention. We bag up all our rubbish as we go, and use the last bag to store any unopened food we’ll take with us.

Prepare First Aid Supplies

It’s important to be prepared for anything when travelling, especially with kids. An example of a reasonably well packed first aid supply bag is:

  • Some band-aids
  • crepe bandage,
  • tube of antiseptic cream,
  • Stingose spray
  • tiny bottle of lavender oil,
  • ginger tablets for nausea
  • mossie repellent
  • sunscreen
  • tissues 
  • wet ones in a ziplock bag

You can pop all of these in the front pocket of your day pack. This will be a lifesaver when the kids trip over, graze a knee or are overcome by seasickness. I guarantee it.

Pre-emptive solutions are the key to stress-free holidays and travel adventures with kids. Planning ahead gives you the resources to cope with most unexpected detours and situations so you can remain calm and in control.

Travelling With Kids

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travelling with kids

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