I Was Told My Pregnancy Resolved Itself – But It Hadnt

I Was Told My Pregnancy Resolved Itself

Feeling really sick I did some pregnancy tests at home, these were positive. Days later at the doctor, I was told my pregnancy resolved itself. In those exact words.

This was my second pregnancy. I started feeling unwell and had a missed period. I took a test with two sticks in the box and a very faint line appeared on both. I followed up with a GP.

The doctor ordered a blood test. This test came back negative. I insisted that’s not possible, I’m pregnant. I feel pregnant – I know my body. The doctor told me that my pregnancy must have resolved itself.

Resolved itself? Like a problem that just goes away on its own? A pimple resolves itself, not a baby. Did he mean a miscarriage?


His lack of caring made me feel foolish. Like I had wasted his time. He probably deals with false alarms all the time. But my tests at home were positive, I wanted to take them in to show him. Shout at him IM PREGNANT! SEE! IM NOT CRAZY!

I spent the days after feeling deflated. depressed & foolish. I questioned whether I should be having another baby if I can’t handle the rejection of not being able to conceive when planned. Selfish really, it hadn’t been long of trying.

A week passed and I became, even more, nauseas.

I suffer from hyper morning sickness – with every pregnancy. I bought a ton of pregnancy tests and did them all. Positive. Positive. Positive. The doctor is wrong, but he said blood tests don’t lie?

They do occasionally. You see the pregnancy hormone in my urine was more concentrated than the amount found in my blood. The tests were also more sensitive than that of a blood test.

An ultrasound confirmed I was 6 weeks pregnant. Had I have just waited before testing I probably wouldn’t have gone through the emotional turmoil. But I didn’t expect to be treated with such a dry diagnosis from my GP.

My Daughter is now 6, She was meant to be
My Daughter is now 6, She was meant to be

It’s great when school sores or the flu “resolves itself”. But a baby….maybe some empathy wouldn’t have killed my GP that day.

I was told pregnancy resolved Itself. But I listened to my body. I went home and in disbelief bought more tests. I know my body, I can’t imagine how long someone else would go before realizing the doctor was wrong.

In many other situations, I have done the same. If my children are ill I will always listen to my instincts first, because I know my own flesh and blood. I know our vulnerabilities and how we handle our sickness.

I had to grow a thick skin when it came to doctors during my first borns cancer treatment. I’m not putting our medical specialists down, they helped save his life. But a parent’s instincts are just as important in the scheme of things.

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where you just knew your instincts are right?




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