Justin Timberlake ~ Music Mum Crush Monday

Justin Timberlake, Mum Crush To The Music

It’s a crush you can take as far back as 1994. When Justin Timberlake one of the leads in Nsync he sent the teenage girls into a frenzy. Not much has changed, although as a woman my crush is more on the music than the man.

From Nsync posters on the bedroom walls to many years later listening to JT in the car with my three kids in tow, I’m in awe with any artist that has lasted so long. Especially beginning in an all boy band.

I don’t think anyone would have predicted the longevity and quality of Justin Timberlake’s career. His music is now better than ever. The 20/20 experience is hands down one of my favorite solo albums ever. By anyone.

The mixed range of pop, hip hop, funk, big band, soul and R&B in JT’s World Tour was off the chain. If you have not seen to World Tour Vegas Show for the 20/20 Experience please do. It is incredible.

Even better, organize a cocktail night with your girls and have it playing on the big screen. Like you are there. You will also spot an Australian talent in the crew – Zenya – One of the show’s back up back up singers.


Justin Timberlake is also featured on the Black Eyed Peas reboot of Where Is The Love which can be purchased HERE. The proceeds of the charity single will go to educational programs.

I try to always include the philanthropy side of anyone in my Mum Crush Monday articles. JT has supported over 25 separate charities and dedicated a lot to helping others.

While some celebrities throw philanthropy around to improve their public profile, he seems pretty selfless to me.