Tall Poppy Syndrome & Being A Judgey McJudgepants

Tall Poppy Syndrome…..It Happens Often

Let’s not beat around the bush here. We have all had a tall poppy syndrome moment. We have all had a Judgey McJudgepants moment in our minds. It’s whether you decide to execute those thoughts into actions that often defines the type of person you are.

It’s too easy to feel like you deserve the success someone else has achieved, especially when you have been working so hard on something. I’ll use blogging for an example because it’s what made me want to write this article.

“I’ve written articles like that and they didn’t go viral”

“I’d be popular like that too if I wrote for the shock value”

“He might be popular off that one post, but let’s see how long it lasts”

“I can’t believe people actually follow that page, its crap”

These are all things I have both heard and I have felt similar thoughts myself. It’s ok to have thoughts, it’s ok to feel a pang of jealousy. We need to stop making people FEEL like they can’t have any emotion other than “Oh yay go you, your amazing”.

It’s human nature to occasionally feel shit about someone else’s success. It’s human nature to make observations – even if judgemental and negative – when you feel threatened or disappointed by your own achievements.

What I don’t accept as human nature is executing your thoughts into actions which hurt people. Keep your shit to yourself. If you don’t like Jenny’s haircut that’s cool, do you need to text her about it? Hell to the no!

The best thing about the human mind is we can train ourselves into taking that pang of jealousy or anger and use it to drive us, to produce more quality work. To strive for something bigger. Tall Poppy Syndrome is an utter waste of your own productivity.

You don’t like Justin Bieber’s music, unlike his page. Don’t write an essay about it. Because even people like the Biebs are human. Chances are your achievements in life don’t even scrape the sides – but just like Biebs, they are something to be proud of.

Particularly in your own field, it’s important. Do you think it would be wise for Mcdonalds to launch a campaign about why they don’t think Hungry Jacks is a suitable food source? Bloggers, Chefs, Mechanics – they are no exception to that rule.

It’s almost like taking a dump in your neighbors back yard. You have to live next to that person, so make sure you’re wise about your bowel movements.

Don’t Be A Tall Poppy Syndrome Judgey Mcjudgepants Mum, Be A Rose

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  1. Gah, this is exactly how I feel. If you don’t like it feel free to just walk on by… no need to be a hater! It hurts my heart when I see comments about people I know personally. it’s like there is a disconnect online. That they don’t realise its an actual person on the other end.

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