Do Mum’s Spend Too Much At Christmas?

Do Mum’s Spend Too Much At Christmas?

Do Mum’s Spend too Much At Christmas? Every year it’s estimated the country spends 8.9 Billion Dollars at Christmas. I don’t think anyone can put a price on Christmas. Different lifestyles, different incomes.

But the Competition mentality. The night before Christmas seems to have become a posting pageant on Facebook of all the presents that are wrapped under the tree.

This is cool, I have occasionally shown off my presents although it’s more about my sexy ass tree.

It’s lovely. However, I sense competitiveness among friends, mothers groups and even some family.

Last year I saw a full war blow out when someone in a mothers group attacked another Mum accusing them of Centrelink fraud being able to buy all of those presents.

I almost died of disbelief.

Then you get the occasional show pony who decides to publicly announce they spent over $1000 on each child. Good for you honey! You earned that money, but what I really care about is that kids are happy on Christmas Day. Just happy.

I don’t want to seem like I’m passing judgment. I’m a douche saying that, though. Like when Jenny in your mother’s group says “I don’t mean to sound rude but…” Then she mentions how ugly your new haircut is.

I Think We Buy Bulk Junk Over Minimal Quality Items


We do have children on the streets, it’s like a dirty word in Australia “homeless children”. The pressure each year is mounting on charity services. I’m not a rich woman by any means and I have accessed these services myself during my son’s cancer battle – amazing organisations.




I have not done my shopping yet.

Something deep in my heart is telling me to stay on an even smaller budget, buy better quality brands but less presents and give back on a larger scale. I will update you how that goes. It’s like a burning sensation in my chest, I need to do something.

Update: The year this article was written I ended up doing a Reverse Advent Calendar, every day I put a small item in a box and donated it to the womens centre. Thinks like Shampoo, Soap, Razors etc.

Do You Think Mum’s Spend Too Much At Christmas? 


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  1. I agree with your article, but why spend anything on christmas presents. Why not make or grow some presents. It can be fun in spring to pick up some spare pots for free from gumtree or recycling places – they can be decorated or painted and it becomes an exciting adventure either watching seeds grow or walking around the neighbourhood and talking to neighbours and maybe receiving some cuttings. These grow into beautiful gifts by christmas. Upcycle and decorate recyclable containers to make beautiful pot plant holders and everyone is pleased to give and receive a gift which took time and care rather than just cash.

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