Why My Good Karma Is A Load Of Crap

My Good Karma Is A Load Of Crap

I said it.  Good Karma is a load of crap. Doing good deeds doesn’t magically produce good deeds in return. Karma is treated like by creating luck, the universe answers. My “Good Karma” is a result of hard work. I’m not saying people can’t be lucky – but It’s not good karma.

You can be the world’s biggest arsehole and get luck. You can be an amazing person and get luck. Something good just happened to fall in your lap. The Karma idea thrown around in discussion by non-religious westerners is of no value to me.


My Bad Karma Is A Load Of Crap

Bad Karma comes to mind when I think of my son who is a handful to parent. With a post cancer diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and a few other barcodes thrown in life isn’t all “happy joy joy” all the time. You know how much time I have spent blaming his illness on Karma? Too much. It’s not my fault. It was bad luck.

Creating good Karma for yourself is such a positive, productive thing to do. NO. Being awesome is a positive thing to do. You think I’m being negative, don’t you? Your thinking “Shit I bet she doesn’t get invited to parties”.

I’m Saying This For You, Me & Everyone Else

I don’t live within the Buddhist tradition but I know luck has nothing to do with the law of Moral Causation. I’m guilty of throwing the Karma word around and its just crap. I don’t talk about God returning to forgive my sins because I’m not Christian. So I plan to shut up about my crappy wishful thinking version of Karma.

I can post inspirational good karma vibes on Instagram. Help someone with their groceries. Save an ant from drowning. I won’t get a thing out of it unless….

I Become As Authentic As F***

Yeah, Boi! How many people do you know that do something for you expecting something in return. It’s one of my pet hates. Whether it’s your neighbour that randomly mows your lawn hoping that you will mind their dog for a month at Christmas. It could be a friend that buys you random gifts and then expects you to mind her kids while she goes Skiing for the weekend.

If I wanted to rely on Good Karma, I wouldn’t plan to collect a return on my investment.


There’s Nothing Karma About Hard Work

Don’t give Karma credit for your hard word. Work hard at the gym = Improve your health. Deliver on time in your job = Keeps your boss happy. Sometimes things don’t work out. It’s not bad karma for that time you teased the dorky loner at school (but you were an asshole for doing that).

I don’t like seeing people claiming that losing their business on Karma. Either you didn’t cut it at the time, The business wasn’t right for you or maybe unexpected events took place. Karma is a load of crap. I don’t like seeing criminal posts on Facebook and comments “Karma is going to get him”. What about his victim? Who is scarred for life? Was that Bad Karma too?

Naughty Kids Are Not Bad Karma

My conscience – who sounds like Morgan Freeman – creeps in and says “This is Karma for when you were young”. No, it’s not. This is my shit parenting. This is working so hard to be a fantastic mother I’m temporarily burnt out and swallowed whole by my own demons.

Excuse me while I pity myself and let the children eat cheerios for dinner and sleep in their day clothes. I’ll be back tomorrow when my “Good Karma” arrives. No, I won’t. I’ll be back when I pull my own shit together.

Good Karma 1

I’m going to try and leave the Karma philosophy to the Buddhist people who put so much more value to the word. My Karma will simply be….

Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind.


  1. Totally agree. I don’t believe that ‘bad karma’ made my son blind, rather the surgeon operating on him used the wrong sized tool and chose the wrong time to do the corneal graft – when my son’s eye was inflamed. The surgeon was a Hindu – another religion that believes in Karma. I think blaming things on Karma is a big cop out.

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