Australian Food Banks – Cooking 40 Rissoles for Under $4

Australian Food Banks

Cooking 40 Rissoles Under $4 Using Australian Food Banks.

This article applies to anyone using Australian food banks. The prices are based on the food bank in the Redland’s and the Food Bank in Slacks Creek- Location details below. Food banks often have a lot of junk food on offer. This is great because when you are on a budget you don’t get to treat yourself very often.

The concern I sometimes feel is we are walking away with random food items but what do we cook? It can be overwhelming when you have come home with items that you can’t predict. Then you end up living on boxes of crackers and bread because it’s stressful times, you can’t even pull a meal together.

Food Banks in the modern day are not giving handouts. they are giving hand ups. Different walks of life come in. For Example Joe:

Joe has been struggling to get employment, he doesn’t have a car. He works casually here and there when he can get a lift to a job site or public transport is available. Joe is desperate to buy a car so he decides to use the food bank for a while, save every penny he has to buy a car and build a better life.

Joe can’t imagine how he would have made ends meet without the food bank and he now has a full-time job and plans on buying his own tools so he can take on his own contracts. Good on ya Joe, your a bloody Aussie legend. 

Today I cooked 40 Small Rissoles For Under $4

Cost Details:

  • Veges & Bread Crumbs

Total Cost 80 Cents at Redlands Food Bank 

  • 500gm Turkey Mince

Total Cost $1.99 Tribe Of Judah 

Total Cost Of 40x Vege & turkey Patties – $3.80


Optional Gravy/White Sauce

  • Gravy Packet & Longlife Coconut Cream

Total Cost 70c


Australian Food Banks – Cooking 40 Rissoles for $4

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Serving Size: 40 Small Rissoles

Australian Food Banks  – Cooking 40 Rissoles for $4


  • 1x Carrot Finely Grated 
  • 1/4 Sweet Potato Finely Grated
  • 1x Cup Mushroms Finely Chopped
  • 150gm Of Beans Mega Blitzed [Chop ends of first]
  • 1x Cup Panko Bread Crumbs 
  • 500gm Turkey Mince
  • Optional Garlic/spices/marinade


  1. Preprepare all ingredients as stated in the ingredients list (Grated, chopped, blitzed)
  2. To soften veges fry them up before making your rissoles. Add optional garlic/spices or marinade of choice for extra flavour
  3. Combined all ingredients and form into small patties
  4. Heat pan up up to med and cook for approx 4 minutes on each side.
  5. Serve with optional gravy or white sauce
  6. This recipe makes 40 small rissoles

Notes For Redland City Readers:

Please Note: The Redlands Food Bank occasionally has meat. However, Tribe Of Judah ALWAYS has meat. So I have used them as a reference for costing in case anybody uses this article for informational purposes. The meat from TOJ is generally from Steggles.


Based on fuel costs from the Redlands area Tribe Of Judah is a viable trip if you are shopping for approximately 7 Days worth of meals as it will cut your meat shopping bill by over 50%.

The Redlands Food Bank Location:  29 Beveridge Rd Thornlands QLD 4164

Tribe Of Judah101 Park Rd, Slacks Creek QLD 4127




Other Food & Emergency Relief Services

Community Care Centre Capalaba

FACS: The Rock Family Support Capalaba

WAVSS – The Working Against Violence Support Service (WAVSS) is the Regional Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) service for Logan and the Redlands.

Redlands Centre for Women – Strives to provide opportunities for women in the Redlands area to be empowered, educated and connected.

Redland Foundation Helps raise funds for organisations within the Redlands that give back to the community.

I hope this helps someone out there, please comment if you need further information.

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