The Three T’s Of Motherhood

The Three T’s Of Motherhood

Motherhood is very rewarding but the three T’s of motherhood will always be a challenge. I’m an Australian mum of three kids who challenge me daily but I often think;

“What would I be doing without them?”

Life would be pretty boring.

From newborn to toddler to teen. The three T’s will be part of your parenting journey.

On some level I think we embrace these things because we know they are a normal part of bringing up children. Part of the package so to speak. Some people will experience more, some less but anybody that says not at all – I call fibs.


1. Tired.

I have three children. My family is complete. Do the sleepless newborn nights of all 3 children stack up and haunt you later on? Then theres next level tired. Exhaustipated.

When you’re so tired you have cats in your hair and your children are dressed in each others clothes. Probably eating something foreign off the floor.


2. Tantrums

Why are we tired? Tantrums. Especially the golden ones that feel like your child is just wailing after cutting their own ears off. Anything you say doesn’t penetrate the wail dome.

NASA should replicate that shit in preparation for an alien invasion. My resting bitch face is actually sagging from tantrums, I look like a grumpy elderly man who can’t get his dog back on a leash.


3. Trial & Error

We are not born ready for motherhood. Some will seem to be pulling off this parenting business seamlessly.

Everybody’s journey is different and its all about trial and error. You might trial and error the same thing a few times before you realise it’s just not working for you. We need our mistakes to build success in all things.

Kate Shelby is an Australian blogger, mother and lover of superheroes in tight pants. Between raising kids and tackling life’s curve balls you will find her at Australian Mum & You can follow her on Instagram for blog updates.

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