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Child Exercise & Autism Therapy

Assisting the development of your child’s motor skills may be part of your Autism therapy plan. Being a parent already has its responsibility but then your hit with the task of providing therapy outside of paid therapy. How do you keep it exciting? How do you choose activities that can benefit you as well?

I love utilising the products we own in different ways. Toys designed exclusively for therapy are not always affordable for the average Australian family. If you have purchased therapy toys try to discover more than one way to use the product in your plan.

Items used in this article:

  • Jumbo Foam blocks
  • Skipping Rope
  • Skateboard

The skateboard was a gift for Christmas and not intended for a therapy toy. We discovered during a paid therapy session that we could mimic a similar activity done with a scooter board and a rope. Using the skateboard and a skipping rope we got outdoors in the fresh air and worked both balance and arm strength. Australian Mum got some exercise too!



During the period of being funded for Autism Therapy tools, I purchased the JUMBO textured block pack. A big investment, 4 years later we are still finding ways to use them for therapy needs.

Starting with blocks as big as possible we began with basic balancing towers and buildings. When told my daughter would need to build her muscle strength and balance after being diagnosed with minor feet issues we discovered a new use. The kids have decided this new activity is “Parkour” although its pretty tame in comparison.

The texture on the blocks provide some grip but are still soft on the feet. We set up different patterns with them and race to the end. I have found so many other uses like car ramps, making giant letters, one single balancing beam – with 32 giant blocks in a pack you can create a pretty big tower!


These two activities focus on Balance and Muscle Tone which are two of the key elements in the earlier period of our Autism Therapy Plan . Both activities are great for all children and can be done outdoors! If you are looking for more sensory based activities check out the TWO INGREDIENT sensory activity here:

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