Stephen Amell Is Just A Nice Dude. Mum Crush Monday

Stephen Amell Is Just A Nice Dude.

Stephen Amell is this weeks Mum Crush Monday. There are so many reasons this guy right here is just a nice dude. First he’s Canadian born and just like the french are mythologically rude, Canadians are all friendly. Well known for playing The Green Arrow who under the hood is Oliver Queen of course theres the badass vigilante thing you have to admit we are drawn to.

Oh and he’s good-looking, there’s that. Oh and there’s this….THE SALMON LADDER


Your Tinder Bio Has Changed Again:  Looking for love. Seeking emotionally damaged male returning from a lengthy stay on a dangerous island. Leather cladding optional. Rooftop Parkour Skills are a plus.


So some things about Stephen when he isn’t clad with leather, wearing business suit or wielding a hockey stick running around with Ninja Turtles? Lets just say goodbye to drooling over the characters for a minute and check out the other neat things Stephen Amell has accomplished….oh…Hi Barry!



I always say I love seeing people happy especially in partnerships because the media likes to tear down celebrity marriages – not this one. Stephen Amell is married to Cassandra Jean and has a small minion named Mavi who he regularly talks about. We love that because a lot of us have kids and understand the challenges of parenting and the embarrassing things our kids do.

Stephen Amell to date has raised over 1 MILLION dollars between his represent campaigns [For Fuck Cancer, Stand For The Silent & Paws and Stripes) as well as crossover campaigns with WWE for Emilys House [Toronto].  However Stephen has always maintained his thanks and gratitude to the people who make this possible – his fans.

Stephens fan base clearly adore him and his power on the social media platform is a testament to both his professionalism and his kindness when addressing his fans. Regularly checking in on his fan base with Facebook live videos and updates Stephen Amell is one of the most active celebrities in the social media community.

Stephen regularly reminds people not to get tied up in the online drama. Even if it involves people spreading lies about his personal life. Stephen is a friendly dude who will continue to make headlines for all the right reasons because he doesn’t fall into the trap of fuelling negativity in his social media zone.


Stephen Amell is a Legend & just a nice Dude.

Stephen Amell is also co founder [along with Andrew Hardy] of a premier wine club also offering merchandise and COFFEE!


  1. Yes, Stephen really is as nice in person as he appears. Modest and down to earth.
    I’m currently working on one of his projects with both him and his cousin Robbie (who is just as lovely) and both are amongst some of the nicest celebrities you could ever ask to work with!
    PS: They both might be in Australia early 2018 – just not sure of the schedule yet. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! Sounds like a great work opportunity you have there. If it’s Code 8 – So many people are pumped!

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