The Night I Saw a U.F.O.

15 years old. Laying in bed I saw the light blinking across the sky. My mind skipped straight to the only explanation

Holy shitballs. Its a U.F.O.

I flew out of bed and crashed into my mother’s room flipping out pointing at the window. While I was screaming about this UFO, my mind was starting to unravel. I could hear my conscience, which sounds like Morgan Freeman, trying to yell over the top of me.

Kate, your stoned. This is NOT a UFO. It’s a helicopter.


My poor mother. I think she had already reached the point you have to accept your teenage daughter is batshit crazy. If she did realise I was actually completely baked that night she would have been at a loss of what to do anyway.

I was determined to be a shit teenager. She couldn’t stop me.

Prior to the UFO sighting, I may have hit the bong a few too many times at a friend’s house.

I ended up rather comatose actually. I’m surprised I made it home.

Rule of thumb when you are a pot smoking teen: Never make eye contact, even after clear eyes. Never mind the fact you smell like you took a bath in a hydroponic lab, just don’t. make. eye contact.

I slipped in the door late, muttered an apology and went straight to bed. Fully munted.

Until I spotted that blinking red light in the sky. UFO MOTHER TRUCKERS!

The End.

By the time I turned 18, shortly after an ecstasy mishap, all drugs were a thing of the past.

Horrible HERstories are about a time in my life where I thought I needed to be high or intoxicated to make friendships.

I had no faith in my personality (weird charm and dry humour). I may be able to laugh about my antics now – they weren’t glamorous back then – but they are part of who I am today.

There is no shame in talking openly about these things and I love sharing my stories for many reasons.



  1. I was a shit teenager myself. On the bright side, my kids won’t get anything past me (I hope). But then, I wasn’t actually getting anything past my parents either πŸ˜‰

  2. first of all your reaction from ufo to helicopter was hilarious…second of all it’s nice to be able to talk about our past lives as a form of growth1 thank you for sharing.

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