UnPlanned Pregnancy ~ The Shades Of Judgement On An Unborn Baby

Unplanned Pregnancy & The Judgement

I fell pregnant with my first child at 22. I had an “unplanned pregnancy” and my big baby is now 10 years old. Every mother knows the risk of pregnancy is always there – even when using prescription birth control. The judgement around unplanned pregnancy is often harsh and comes from every angle.

You may feel like you are not ready to have a child. You don’t have to look far when searching for support before you find the anti-abortion flag waving. Crucifying a woman for deciding not to go along with a pregnancy. These protesters behave as if terminating a baby is an easy decision. A decision made from pure selfishness alone.

When your baby starts growing, but you worry how you will afford to feed or clothe him or her you are a bad parent. When you have a child with no father figure available you’re a tramp. You probably deliberately got pregnant for the benefit of welfare payments as if that could provide enough for your child to have the life they deserve.


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The sad thing is these judgements may come from your friends or your family before your child is even born. Some may even cut you off and talk behind your back about what an irresponsible person you are. You can find new friends, better friends that don’t predict your child’s future.

If you keep quiet and don’t tell anyone about your unplanned pregnancy you will see your entire pregnancy out feeling silenced and unsupported. A decision made in fear of people using you as the poster child for every woman who has ever had a baby under less than perfect circumstances.

Some women will have a support network that stands by you every step of the way filling them with confidence. Helping you know that you will be a successful parent. For those that don’t have such luxury do not fear. Having a child without a father isn’t a crime. It is hard work and it has its curve balls every step of the way.

Unplanned pregnancy is not something to be ashamed. Shame will only hold you back. It’s time to focus on the future. A woman’s body was designed to create life and although every persons circumstances may not be ideal shaming her will only hurt the future of growing life inside her. The stigma in society doesn’t plan your future as a parent. Your future is up to you.


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A mother that adores her child will ALWAYS find a way to give their child the love and care they need.


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