Kids Swearing & Offensive Chickens

 Kids Swearing – Chicken Is A Swear Word

Have you caught your kids swearing? Who invented the swear word list? I’ve always wondered how swear words were “made”. Who decided which words are offensive? and which swears are the worst of all swears?

I think it’s already been established this isn’t your average mum blog. I’m not even close to perfect when it comes to parenting, I’m lingering on the cliff edge of utter failure, hanging on by a thread of pure love.

The term “profane” originates from classical Latin “profanus”. I did find some very interesting research about sweary language here. It seems while wanting to share my little story I have given myself a history lesson. Mum blogging for the win!

I’ve had a lot of phone calls between childcare and school over the years. My son is a handful. Both delightful or demonic depending on the hour. His determination is something to be admired, though. I give him credit.

All children can be manipulative. Some will go to great lengths to get out of trouble. Normally I am not shocked when I am notified my child has received time out for something. This happened to me about 5 years ago, I can laugh about it now.

Chicken Phone Call

Phone: Ring ring. Ring ring.

Me: Hello. Kate Speaking

Kindergarten Teacher: Hi Kate, I’m going to ask you to pick up Ryan but first I’ll have a chat to you.

Me: Oh OK (acts surprised) What has he done this time? (acts totally not surprised)

Kindergarten Teacher: Well it’s the swearing…well sort of…

Me: What????? He’s swearing!!!!!!

Kindergarten Teacher: Well, hang on. Technically he isn’t actually swearing. We have figured out that he’s actually using the word “chicken” every time he wants to say a swear word. Mostly “f**kin…..

Me: *life flashing before my eyes suddenly it all makes sense to me now*……Oh. OK yep, I see how that could be happening, I’ll be there soon.

This Is One Of Many Mother Of The Year Moments.

Shit. She’s right”. In that moment I realised the past few months had been full of my son telling me to chicken right off. I’m a chicken head. Chicken sick of this chicken……how could I not have seen this coming?

Some people might not think its a big deal but apparently when requested he stop saying chicken so much he got really chickened off. His chicken rights were not going to be violated.

Kids Swearing
You Can Take MY Freedom, But You Will Never Take My Chicken

Your kids swearing doesn’t stop overnight.

Can we go back to when the F word was actually chicken? We are still trying to make progress in the swear word department. Can I just say though I’m very proud of my son even if he is occasionally a little sweary?

He gets frustrated and tired. It’s hard sometimes. I would probably be no better. He has made tremendous progress in the last 5 years [I’m SO thankful because I’m exhausted].

When a child has a bad habit I believe we need to think about our own habits and how hard it is to stop overnight, especially if we are stressed out. If I see restraint. If I see him trying harder. If I see him show remorse and empathy. I’m winning.

I’m very patient in the chicken department. 

This i how I Mum Blog. I’m Not perfect But My kids are my world.

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