My Bum Is Shouting At Me. The Reason I Don’t Ban Fart Jokes.

Fart Jokes & Parenting

“Mummy, my bum is shouting at me,” she said. My four year old daughter is a bit of a character. She is the essence of class when it comes to fart jokes. I have already stated previously that it’s common to have boogers and farts hand delivered to me. Luckily we’re past that and she’s “matured” as far as her fart behaviour goes.

When we were young (here come the war stories) we weren’t really allowed to say fart. We didn’t get into a huge amount of trouble for it but my mother would constantly correct us.

It’s “Fluff” thank you very much.

I understand to a degree but to be honest, I’m not the perfect parent. I feel ridiculous trying to correct my children when I’m trying to hold back laughter. I’m that goofy mum that thinks fart jokes are hilarious. Especially when they include actual farts.

Fart jokes are rife in this household.

The endless giggling over the sounds that come from my children’s butt cracks – hilarious. Just this morning they climbed into bed with me and decided to do fart noises of different animals. Apparently, an elephant despite being very large has a very squeaky fart, who would have known?

My son decided to explain the different types of farts he does dependent on his mood. His story about the 50 shades of farting and fart emotions had us all laughing through tears. Surprisingly enough “angry farts” sound quite pleasant.


 Fart Jokes

I’ll get cranky at them for not cleaning up their mess. I’ll express disappointment if they are disrespectful or argumentative. But I can’t fault them for having fun. Life is too short to worry about fart jokes. Until someone farts in a waterslide.


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