South Bank Brisbane Things To Do & Pack On Your Day Out In Brisbane.

It’s South Bank Brisbane, Whats In The Bag?

Our South Bank Sunday is approaching and the kids have been put to bed early in order for a big day tomorrow. What is South Bank Sunday? Its our family day out in the beautiful South Bank, Brisbane. It requires driving into the city so there is some preparation if you don’t want a huge food bill on top of parking for the day.


I’m raising three ibis birds at the moment. Did I say Ibis birds? Sorry. I meant children, Yes that’s what they are called. It’s important to pack EXCESS food. I have learnt the hard way. Throwing out 80c worth of bread at the end of the day is far better than the cost of $15 worth of chips at South Bank (This is how much my kids would probably need).

southbank sunday 2

So What’s In The Bag?

COFFEE, 12 Cut Up Sandwiches, 3 x yoghurt, 3 x Small Water Bottles , 1 x Large Tanker Water Bottle, 4 x Plastic Cups, 3 x Juice Boxes , 1x Large Bag Of Doritos, 1x Canon Powershot Digital Camera, Box Jatz Cracker, Fruit,  Pack Of Yoghurt Balls, Ice Bricks, serviette, My Phone & Wallet , 3 Plates & Some cutlery, Bandaids & Spare Change*

The bag is a backpack with a water bottle holder but I use the water bottle holder to hold my camera & Phone so I can slide my hand in there anytime I need it without taking the backpack off.  I keep the water bottles in with the ice bricks.

Why So Much Stuff?

South Bank can be an all day outing and is one of the best things to do in Brisbane. This particular Sunday the “Out Of The Box” festival was on. This is a festival that encourages kids to partake in Drama, theatre, Dancing and other activities. Some of the activities are 100% Free.

southbank sunday


South Bank also features Street Performers roughly every 2 hours who put on paid quality performances. So it’s important to take some change along with you to tip them when they finish. you can see videos of some of the performers and details HERE.



South Bank has markets and a huge water play area, man-made beach. THREE large playgrounds, The QPAC Theatre, Library, Convention Centre & The Imax Theatre. If it was summer we would also pack our swimming gear.



It’s important to also have an emergency spot your children are familiar with or strict instructions if they get lost. My mobile phone number is written on the inside of my children’s swim shirts so if they get lost they can go straight to a lifeguard and ask them to call me. It gets so hot here in summer you can even enjoy south Bank at night.

For more information about South Bank including the Dinosaur Exhibit at The Museum and the Dinosaur exhibit Brisbane CUBE Click HERE

Our Fave Performances On South Bank Sunday


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    1. I know right!! Even with the horse pack theres still things I wish I could take along that don’t fit. Like a fold out bed perhaps lol.

  1. Great post. I especially liked the emergency spot idea. It’s so important to have that designated area God forbid someone gets lost and the contact information as well. I think every parent should do this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post! I love the idea of showing your kids a familiar meeting place in case they get lost. Such a good idea!

  3. That’s a great picnic bag full of food 🙂 Great call on the familiar spot, that’s very good to have pre-planned.
    P.S. Will you fix my link pretty please?

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