Moments That Make Parenting Funny

The Moments That Make Parenting Funny

I have been going through some of our old photos today and came across a few photos reminded me of the moments that make parenting funny. Particularly phases my kids have been through. Some of them I would have been tearing my hair out at the time but now I can laugh.

The moments that make parenting funny are often things that are said and we can’t capture them on camera because they are in the moment. It seems even though some of my photos are things that I dreaded at the time I still documented them because I knew years down the track I would be able to show my kids that just like other kids – they were brats sometimes too.

I have photos of pouty faces and nappy cream disasters. Tantrums over the wrong colour socks, wedgie butts and every time they fell asleep in their high chair. That’s just a glimpse of parenting though isn’t it overall.

Some moments that have made my time in parenting funny …

parenting funny 3

The Underpant Bandits. This phase isn’t over yet. I apologise in advance to my kids if they discover this article in high school or their friends do… bad. But I reserve the right to share my moments that have made parenting funny.

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I’m not going to say at the time this was a “Oh this made parenting funny” moment. This particular stage that most kids seem to go through – when they get into EVERYTHING – drove me nuts. Especially with my third child. I couldn’t turn my back for long and she would be inside a cupboard or pulling things out of draws. Child safety locks weren’t much of a blessing either because she figured almost every one I tried out within no time. But I can laugh about it now.

parenting funny

This seemed to be what happened when my oldest child would be concentrating but excited at the same time. His mouth would just be wide open. It looks like he’s saying something…..nope….mouth is just wide open in a kind of “Holy crap…trying to concentrate….this is so awesome” way. I call it the “Catching flies” phase because he would do it for so long I’m surprised he didn’t end up with bugs in his mouth more often.


  1. LOL the ‘catching flies’ stage – I am there now. Not at all looking forward to my 11 month old transitioning into the ‘getting into everything’ stage but the ‘underpants on our head’ stage looks kinda entertaining haha. Thanks for the giggle :).

    1. Ohhhh yes. That stage was particularly long for my youngest. She just had to touch EVERYTHINGGGGGGG. She is now 4 and finally over it. Thanks for reading x

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