TX Stunt Buggy Review & Play Demo

TX Stunt Buggy Extreme

We’ve owned the TX Stunt Buggy for around 3 years now and it’s still going strong. There was a stage where I had to stock up on rechargeable batteries because my son kept using it as a night light.  

We have since invested in a TX Helicopter as well but he does not use it as much due to the flying difficulty. He’s not a talented Helicopter Kid and frequently flew it into my hair making me freak out.  

You will just picture me screaming like a banshee with a helicopter tangled up in my hair because we didn’t get that on video.

The TX Buggy is pretty powerful for the price and hardy. The Auto Stunt button is the most attractive feature so your buggy performs stunts on its own.

Great for younger children who cannot master the stunts on their own. The buggy does 360-degree spins and is surprisingly fast. It is noisy but not as noisy as my kids whining when they are bored. So I’m not complaining.


The TX Stunt Buggy Product Description

Xtreme 360 tumbling and spinning action! It’s all about the button!

Press the juice button for extra power and amazing stunts. With 1.5 metres per second per second acceleration try your hand at making the remote-controlled buggy perform spins, jumps, wheelies and other xtreme stunts with the manual joystick controls on the handset.

This buggy is made with spring loaded shocks for multi-terrain driving action, a rollover bar and light up wheels for use at night!

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