Underwood Park Priestdale (Funderwood Hollow)

Funderwood Park, Priestdale (Funderwood Hollow)

Underwood Park boasts a VERY cool playground called “Funderwood Park”.

If you love movies like the Lorax, Cat In The Hat & Alice In Wonderland, this park seems to grab a little of that magic and bring it to life.

It is important to mention on the other side of the park there is water, this park is not fenced.

The Playground is a little kooky, your kids will love it!



Underwood Park Overview:

  • Circuit Pedal Bikes
  • Toilets
  • BBQ’s
  • Nearby Sporting Ground
  • Grass Area + Seating
  • Undercover Seating Areas
  • Half Basketball Court
  • Kooky Playground
  • Seperate Smaller Playground
  • Flying Fox
  • Fenced? NO
  • Nearby water features
  • BMX Park
  • Off Leash Dog Area


Every year Australias Biggest Morning Tea has been held at Funderwood Park by Ray White

(and hopefully many more to come)

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